Top 6 Top Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair: 6 Charming Looks to Try

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 6, 2023

196 Reviews

Welcome to our delightful lineup of adorable hairstyles specially curated for medium hair! If you're searching for unique, cute and friendly styles that will bring out the best in your medium-length tresses, you've landed in the right spot. We've handpicked a selection of six charming looks that are as easy to recreate as they are eye-catching. So, get ready to unleash your creativity and embark on a hair adventure filled with cuteness and endless possibilities!

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List of 6 cute hairstyles for medium hair

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Accent Braid

16 Reviews

Having a medium hairstyle can give you endless ideas on how to express yourself through creative 'doos. But one of the trendiest looks right now is the Accent Braid. This hairstyle is great because it looks elegant and exquisite, yet requires minimal effort.

To get this look, all you need is a comb, some hair pins, and a good hairspray. Start by brushing out your hair until it is nice and smooth. Then, take a small section from the front of your face and gently ...

Accent Braid

Big, Side Bun

48 Reviews

Big, side buns are a great way to style medium hair. With this chic look, you can take your hairstyle to the next level. Whether you're headed to an evening out with friends or a formal event, this hairstyle will have you looking your best.

Creating a big, side bun is easy. Start by brushing your hair to get rid of any tangles. Then, gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure the ponytail ...

Big, Side Bun

Voluminous Fishtail

68 Reviews

Fishtail braids are actually cute and very easy to create. All you need are a few basic hairstyling tools and a bit of practice. The most important step is to create a tight and secure base braid. Once you have the structure of your fishtail, you can get creative with it. You can add an extra twist or braid it in a more intricate pattern.

To achieve the voluminous look, first tease the top and sides of ...

Voluminous Fishtail

Faux-Hawk Upstyle

81 Reviews

Short to medium length hair is the perfect base for a standout and playful faux-hawk upstyle. It’s a lesson in contrast and different textures and techniques that can be effortlessly achieved. To create the faux-hawk upstyle, your hair needs to taper from a tapered cut, about shoulder length, to a razor-sharp nape line. Start off by using a curling iron to create soft waves and ...

Faux-Hawk Upstyle

Barbie Pony

72 Reviews

Many women are drawn to this flattering style that has become an iconic symbol of youth and beauty. This classic classic style is perfect for all types of hair textures and lengths. The Barbie Pony will create a stunning frame for your face, while also giving the illusion of volume. Easily dressed up or down, this chic look can be worn for any occasion- day or night.

To achieve the look, first part hair down the middle, then gather the hair at the ...

Barbie Pony

Loose Braid Updo

73 Reviews

Finally, medium hair offers the perfect length to create a variety of looks with braids – from cool and casual to all-out or even elegant. The loose braid updo is the perfect way to add a touch of fanciness to your hairstyle while still being able to pull it off during casual events.

So, what are the steps you need to take in order to get this amount of sophistication ...

Loose Braid Updo

Final Thought

To summarize, these Top 6 Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair are the perfect way for you to experiment with different styles without damaging your hair. From the classic bob to cute braids, there are so many options to choose from. Start experimenting with your hair today and let your style show who you really are!

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