Top 9 Discover the Easy Updos for Long Hair

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 25, 2023

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Finding the perfect updo for long hair can be challenging, and you may feel intimidated at the thought of doing an intricate style. Luckily, there are lots of easy updos that are actually quite simple for anyone, regardless of hair type or length. Here, discover the top 9 easy updos for long hair that will make you stand out in any special event.

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Trendy Bow Hairdo

45 Reviews

Rocking your locks in a bow updo is a sweet and girly way to fancy up your hairdo. Despite its delicate looks, this style is surprisingly easy to do. All you need is a bit of hair tie and bobby pins, and voila, you've got a perfect hairstyle for any occasion!

This classic method is all about creating a voluminous bow on the top of your head for a playful but stylish look. Start by gathering ...

Trendy Bow Hairdo

Forget about having to spend hours curling your long hair! A massive side braid updo is the perfect way to keep hair looking neat and stylish while still keeping things simple. This stunning but still easy updo for long hair will still have you looking put together, and it’s a cinch to do with just a few bobby pins and some hairspray!

Begin by brushing through your hair to ensure it is free from knots and tangles. ...

Massive Side Braid Updo

Easy Formal Updo

33 Reviews

With the help of different tutorial videos and images, you can learn the basics of creating a formal updo. While making an updo can be time-consuming initially, learning the simple techniques of the process can help your hair become an accessory to your outfit.

Besides being easy to make, this hairstyle offers the following:

Keeps your hair out of your face. Dyed hair, as well ...
Easy Formal Updo

For ones with wavy hair, high-volume hairstyles such as an updo are ideal to show off your natural texture. Whether you’re looking to create a wave-enhancing ‘do for your beachside wedding, or a sophisticated updo for an unforgettable garden ceremony, there’s a look perfect for every bride.

To begin, use a deep conditioning hair mask to help restore the natural bounce of your waves. After rinsing, remove any excess ...

Bridal Updo for Wavy Hair

If you have thick hair, you know it can sometimes be difficult to manage it. If you’re looking to style your thick hair in an updo, then the Messy Halo Braid is the perfect choice. This stylish and eye-catching look is also easy to create and perfect for a variety of casual or formal events.

To create this look, you’ll need to part your hair down the middle and then split it into two parts. You’ll then need to start French braiding the ...

Messy Halo Braid for Thick Hair

Long, voluminous hair is the dream of many, for those lucky few who have it, there’s no better way to show it off than by styling an updo. The Mermaid Waves with Pull-Through Crown Braid updo is an easy look to master that will have you feeling like a modern-day, beach-inspired princess.

This easy updo for long hair looks elegant and requires little effort to maintain once you’ve worked it up, making it great for fashion-forward ladies looking for something stylish and low-maintenance.

This gorgeous ...

Mermaid Waves with Pull-Through Crown Braid

Whether you want a quick and easy casual look, or something more formal and formal, space buns can be adapted to suit all occasions and styles. Plus, they are super easy to create and don't require much time at all.

To create space buns, all you need is two sections of hair, enough for two high buns. Separate your hair into two equal parts and secure each part into a ...

Easy Simple Space Buns

Low Double Buns

40 Reviews

How about Adding some spice to your everyday look is easy and fun with low double buns. This hairstyle is a beautiful way to display your long locks in an unexpected way. Although it is not the traditional way to wear a bun, with the addition of braids, twists, and weave, you can create different, yet simple buns. Whether you are adding a touch of glamour to a formal event or looking for something ...

Low Double Buns

When it comes to styling long hair, wearing it down can be pretty boring and tedious. To avoid this, why not try loop bun and braid combo? It’s a style that will add texture and life to your otherwise long and lacklustre locks. With the braiding part of the style being done right, you can be sure that everyone will see you in admiration of your style.

Looped Bun ...

Looped Bun and Braid for Long Hair

Final Thought

These nine easy updos for long hair are perfect for a variety of occasions. From quick and simple everyday hairstyles like the high ponytail and top knot to elegant updos like the classic chignon and intricate braided bun, you’re sure to find the perfect hairstyle that suits your hair length. No matter the occasion, there's a beautiful updo out there with the perfect combination of ease, elegance, and style. Make sure to practice your favorite look a few times before wearing it out, and don't forget to take into consideration the shape of your face, your wardrobe, and the overall tone of your event. We wish you the best of luck on your next hairdo adventure!

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