Top 8 Festive Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 13, 2023

199 Reviews

Curly hair can be tough to style and maintain. But don’t worry, let us help you get ready for festivals with these 8 festive hairstyles for curly hair that will look beautiful on curly hair. No matter whether you have short curly hair, long curls, or any other length, these festive hairstyles will be suitable for your look. Get ready to feel the ♥power and confidence of rocking these style statement hairstyles as you walk on the festivals ground!

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Holiday Crown Braid

94 Reviews

Are you looking to try a new hairstyle to feel festive during the holidays? Have you been considering the Holiday Crown Braid? Whether you're looking to step up your hairstyle game for a holiday-themed photo shoot or just want to look glamorous for that festive gathering, the Holiday Crown Braid is perfect for you!

Achieve the perfect look with the Holiday Crown Braid by starting with freshly washed hair that has either been air-dried or lightly blow-dried. You'll also need some leave-in conditioner to help keep your ...


Sparkly Half Up Do

83 Reviews

Next on the list, why not choose a look that takes your hair game to a whole new level? The right holiday hairstyle can be the finishing touch to a festive outfit and turn an okay look into a showstopper. For curly hair, there is a range of options that can take your look from every day to extra in no time. One of these looks is the Sparkly Half Up-Do.

This is the perfect half-up-do with a twist for when you want ...


Yule Ball Buns

65 Reviews

Another recommendation for people who've got gorgeous curly locks is Yule Ball Buns, one of the enchanting festive hairstyles for curly hair that can add a touch of magic to any holiday gathering. Whether you’re gathering around the tree or having a festive dinner out, Yule Ball Buns are a surefire way to get gussied up for the season.

Borrowing heavily from the style popularized by emo culture, Yule Ball Buns is a look that can be dressed up or dressed ...


Side Fishtail Braid

21 Reviews

Coming in at number four for festive hairstyles for curly hair, the Side Fishtail Braid gives you a beautiful and sophisticated look without overworking your curls. This style provides volume and texture to your hair while keeping the frizz at bay. It can be styled quickly and easily and is perfect for any occasion or event.

The Side Fishtail is an ...


Velvet Scrunchie

91 Reviews

If you have natural curls, you already know the struggle of maintaining them. Whether it's heat damage or moisture loss, your tresses deserve extra TLC. During the holidays, you can take the opportunity to maximize the natural beauty of your curls with a velvet scrunchie. This velvet hair accessory is not only fashionable but also helps to protect your curls from tension.

Velvet scrunchies are ...


Tinsel Twist

40 Reviews

This holiday season, your curls don’t have to miss out on the festive fun. With a tinsel twist, you can add the perfect touch of shine and sparkle to your style while still letting your curls be the star of the show.

A tinsel twist is an easy way to glam up your curls for the holidays. It takes just a few simple steps to get the look, but the impact ...


Candy Cane Curls

2 Reviews

Next on the list, look no further than Candy Cane Curls. This look is the perfect mix of festive and sassy, combining richly-colored pastels in an eye-catching style. This holiday hairstyle is definitely one of the hottest for curly-haired girls this year. Not only is it super stylish and sure to turn heads, but it also gives hair an extra burst ...


Ornament Clips

9 Reviews

Wrapping up the list at number eight, with the right ornament clip and styling techniques, you can transform your curls into something truly special for the holidays.

Ornament clips are a great way to add a touch of sparkle and glamor to any holiday hairstyle. Whether you have long, medium-length, or short curls, ornament clips provide the perfect finishing touch. Here, we'll share everything you need to know about ornament clips for curly hair, from styling tips to the best types of ornament clip for your hair ...

Final Thought

From up-dos to styles that amplify natural (curly) texture and definition, the top eight festive hairstyles for curly hair have you covered for the holiday season. Every style offers a lasting hold and a variety of ways to achieve the look. With these options, be ready to make a memorable entrance!

Accessorize your curly hair for the festive season with minimal effort and short styling time! Whether you opt for a pony-bun or crowning braids, any of these festive hairstyles are guaranteed timeless and attractive.

So go ahead and take your pick from one of the top 8 hairstyles for curly hair. Your fellow party-goers will undoubtedly be in awe as you grace them with your natural holiday style.

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