Top 8 Largest Hotel Groups in the US: Grandeur and Luxury

Mark Thompson

Last updated: May 28, 2024

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The United States offers an array of luxurious hotels that provide grandeur and luxury to its guests. From upscale, renowned, five-star resorts to international hospitality groups, there are plenty of options for those looking for lavish accommodation. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the 8 largest hotel groups in the US, showcasing their diverse and opulent offerings.

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The hospitality and travel industry offers travelers the ultimate in luxury, grandeur, and pampering with some of the largest and most luxurious hotel groups in the United States. One of the grandest is Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. Wyndham, the world's largest hotel group with over 9,000 hotels in 81 countries, is renowned for their attentive service, excellent amenities, and Signature Place 5 Star service.

Wyndham offers a wide array of luxury services and amenities for travelers. These include ...

Similar to Wyndham, Choice Hotels International is not only one of the biggest hotel groups in the US but also in the world that offers a delightful range of luxe accommodations and hospitality services to travelers of all ages. Nowadays, after over 85 years of serving, it owns more than 11,000 hotels spread across 40 countries and territories and has perfected the art of providing exceptional hospitality services to its ...

Standing right behind is InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), one of the largest hotel groups in the US and a leader in the global hotel industry. The company has over 5,500 properties in nearly 100 countries worldwide, including InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, and Holiday Inn hotels. IHG's brands offer travelers a range of lodging experiences that meet their needs and budgets.

At the heart of the IHG experience is their commitment ...


Founded in 1971 by J.W. Marriott, Jr., the Marriott International brand is known for its commitment to providing quality service, comfortable and luxurious accommodations, modern amenities, and superior customer care. Marriott International now is one of the world’s premier hospitality companies, with a portfolio of 11 brands that cover a variety of hospitality experiences for travelers around the world. Marriott International currently operates over 5,800 properties in 110 countries ...

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. is the most globally recognizable name in the hospitality industry. This hotel group, founded in 1919 by Conrad Hilton, owns, manages, and franchises a roaster of iconic, luxurious, and highly memorable properties around the world. With more than 6,100 properties, it is one of the leading hotel companies in the world and the largest in the United States.

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, luxury or budget, ...

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a leader in deluxe accommodations with over 675 properties located in over 54 countries across 6 continents. From ultra-luxury resorts to budget-friendly Hideaways, Hyatt offers a wide range of experiences catering to clients from all walks of life. With room selection ranging from standard rooms to Presidential Suites, guests are spoilt for choice.

Hyatt's trademarked "Gold Passport", their loyalty program, caters to frequent travelers. With 'free ...



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Accor Hotels is one of the largest hotel groups in the US, providing travelers with a range of accommodation options, from luxury resorts and city hotels to budget-friendly options. Founded in 1967, Accor Hotels has grown to become the world's leading hospitality group with more than 4,600 properties across 100 countries.

From Amsterdam to Shanghai and Tokyo to Ottawa, Accor Hotels has something for every traveler. For those seeking a luxurious getaway, Accor's exclusive luxury resorts provide an unparalleled level ...

Best Western Hotels & Resorts is one of the biggest hotel groups in the US, with over four thousand hotels in over one hundred countries. From modern metropolises to rural retreats, they offer travelers the ultimate combination of grandeur, luxury, and comfort.

Best Western offers guests a wide variety of accommodation types, ranging from contemporary luxury suites pictured in upscale cities to cozy and rustic cabins in the countryside. Whether you are looking to escape into the city or explore the wild, Best Western will have an option to suit your ...

Final Thought

From classic luxury resorts to budget-friendly city stays, the US has a massive variety of hotel chains from around the world offering up grandeur and luxury. The top 8 largest hotel groups in the US both stand out for their remarkably high quality levels and services. With international and domestic chains, such as Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels Corporation and more, travelers from around the globe will find something to fit their needs. Whether for business, leisure or family travel, these hotels are sure to impress. From the amenities and services offered to the decor and design, these hotel chains are a surefire way to upgrade your next vacation to a luxurious one.

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