Top 11 Wedding Destinations: Unforgettable Celebrations of love

Mark Thompson

Last updated: October 26, 2023

188 Reviews

Wedding season is here...have you chosen a romantic location for your wedding and honeymoon yet? A luxurious, sophisticated place with a fairy tale wedding or a simple, romantic place to celebrate your union with your dearest and most beloved one. Make your wedding day truly special and unforgettable in the perfect destination of romance, glamour, and breathtaking views. Here are the top 11 wedding destinations to celebrate in style.

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Maui, Hawaii

57 Reviews

If you dream of an exotic destination to celebrate your undying love, Maui, Hawaii is an idyllic choice. Soaring mountains, lush rainforests, azure oceans, and pristine beaches make for exotic backdrops to the most unforgettable wedding imaginable. Though not as large as some of the other Hawaiian Islands, Maui is no less glamorous and its locals are eager to share their island paradise with those who come to ...

Maui, Hawaii

Aspen, Colorado

40 Reviews

From the breathtaking Rocky Mountains to the vibrant city life, Aspen, Colorado is an expansive, picturesque destination for a perfect wedding. As one of the most well-known luxury ski resorts in the United States and a renowned cultural center, this vibrant city offers a unique combination of outdoor beauty and metropolitan intensity. Whether you're hosting a romantic outdoor ceremony, a traditional church service, or a lavish dinner reception, Aspen offers a one-of-a-kind ambiance to celebrate your special day.

The natural beauty of ...

Aspen, Colorado

If you and your dearest both have a passion for the history and culture field and desire a classic Southen wedding, consider celebrating your wedding in Charleston City. It is home to the prestigious Charleston Academics and is the epicenter of the divinity and music scenes. With stunning architecture and dozens of venues to choose from, Charleston gives you limitless options for your wedding day. Additionally, this city also offers many different landscapes, from breathtaking ...

Charleston, South Carolina

The scenic beauty of Napa Valley is one of California's most highly sought-after vacation destinations. Its majestic vineyards, plentiful recreation areas, wine tours, and luxury hotels make it the perfect place for a memorable wedding. Napa Valley is known for its exquisite wines and culinary offerings, making it the ideal romantic getaway for your wedding celebration.

Napa Valley’s stunning vineyards stretch across the rolling hills and valleys, providing spectacular backdrops for wedding photographs. From the enchanting Castle Winery to the family-owned Nickel & Nickel Vineyard, you will be able ...

Napa Valley, California

Sedona, Arizona

28 Reviews

The breathtaking beauty of Sedona, Arizona makes it a top choice for couples seeking a romantic, unforgettable wedding celebration. Set at the base of huge red-rock formations, surrounded by stunning, lush landscapes, the city's beauty and tranquility provide the perfect backdrop for your special day.

You'll be mesmerized by Sedona's stunning panoramic views no matter where you choose to host your ceremony. Whether you top a majestic red-rock cliff, settle into a tranquil cienega tucked away in seclusion, or ...

Sedona, Arizona

Savannah, Georgia

64 Reviews

If the above wedding destinations still do not satisfy you, Nestled along the Savannah River in the southeastern part of the U.S., Savannah, GA is a fantastically romantic destination for couples seeking a unique wedding and honeymoon experience. Rich in history, natural beauty, and culture, this welcoming city is the perfect place to begin your lives together.

Downtown Savannah boasts the historic Savannah Theater that's been open since 1818. Here couples can witness shows and performances ...

Savannah, Georgia

Key West, Florida

60 Reviews

Key West, Florida is a unique and beautiful destination for couples who are looking for an unforgettable wedding celebration. Located at the southernmost tip of Florida, this small island paradise exudes casual elegance and laid-back charm, providing a blissful setting for exchanging vows. With its crystal clear waters, stunning sunsets, and magnificent palm tree-lined shores, it's no wonder why so many couples are choosing Key West for their wedding ...

Key West, Florida

If you’re seeking a truly unforgettable wedding destination, then there’s none better than Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. Martha's Vineyard is a charming island with stunning views and many acclaimed Wedding Venues. It's just off the coast of Cape Cod, giving visitors a unique opportunity to share their love with each other in a spectacular location.

Martha's Vineyard is an ideal setting for your wedding celebrations. ...

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Amalfi Coast, Italy

40 Reviews

Couples in search of a romantic getaway and a dream wedding experience need look no further than the breathtaking surroundings of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The stretch of coastline along the Sorrentine Peninsula is a popular destination renowned for its picturesque towns, views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and stunning panoramas.

The area was once a hotspot for shipping in the Mediterranean and has since experienced popularity for its allure and quaint charm. Tourists love its enchanting cultural ...

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Marrakech, Morocco

86 Reviews

From the exotic spices of its bustling marketplaces to its affluent historical sites, Marrakech, Morocco is full of magical ambiance that delights visitors. This lively city provides visitors with truly unforgettable experiences, making it the perfect destination for wedding celebrations.

From the majestic beauty of Marrakech's UNESCO-recognized medina to the privacy and seclusion of its desert riads, couples from all around the world have been captivated by the city's romantic atmosphere.

The ancient medina of Marrakech is ...

Marrakech, Morocco

Cartagena, Colombia

57 Reviews

Last but foremost, the romantic, vibrant, and colorful city of Cartagena, Colombia, is without a doubt one of the most exquisite wedding destinations. Whether you select the Caribbean coast, a private island, or the historic walled city of Cartagena to tie the knot, your wedding will be as magical as a fairytale.

The old colonial city of Cartagena is the perfect atmosphere for a dream wedding surrounded by cobblestone streets, blooming bougainvillea, and ...

Cartagena, Colombia

Final Thought

Whether you’re dreaming of a beachfront ceremony or a religious ceremony surrounded by fairy-tale architecture, the Top 11 Wedding Destinations offers some of the most unforgettable places to celebrate love. From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the picturesque Isle of Skye, these destinations are sure to give your wedding special meaning. From tropical jungles to exotic islands, each location is bursting with color and culture. Make your dream wedding come true and begin your happily ever after in one of these wondrous locations!

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