Top 10 Gorgeous Red Carpet Dresses

Emily Roberts

Last updated: January 4, 2024

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Are you ready to explore the top 10 red carpet dresses from around the world? As fashion lovers, we all love to know what the stars are wearing when they hit the red carpets. From glamorous evening gowns to sleek and sophisticated gowns draped in luxurious fabrics, this list will give you an insight into all the latest red carpet trends. Be inspired by these stunning pieces as we bring to you the best red carpet dresses of the season!

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List of 10 red carpet dresses

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96 Reviews

Gowns have been used for centuries to make fashion statements. For centuries, they have been a symbol of elegance, sophistication and a fashionable look. Whether it's a prom night, awards ceremony or a special event, a gown can turn any woman into a showstopper. Every event requires specific types of gowns, depending on the occasion.

When it comes to red carpet events, gowns become even more special. Celebrities put in ...


Mini Dress

11 Reviews

The mini dress has been a staple of evening wear since it was introduced in the 1960s. Short, sleek, and often daringly constructed, mini dresses have a unique allure that has captivated fashion enthusiasts and celebrity icons alike.

Its iconic status on the red carpet was cemented when starlets such as Twiggy began wearing the revolutionary clothing item. In recent years, the flowing sophistication of the mini dress has been reborn, with sparkling sequins and beaded details modernizing the timeless style.

Contrasting colors, such ...

Mini Dress


86 Reviews

For fashion designers and stylish celebrities, there has been a growing demand to break from traditional long dresses and suits when it comes to attending red carpet events. Jumpsuit has risen to become the go-to alternative by eliminating the need to choose a dress or a suit. This trend has since gained traction, and now is synonymous with modern fashion and the latest trends.

The versatility of the jumpsuit enables fashionistas to opt for an array of styles and fabrics for unforgettable glamour. From strapless ...



22 Reviews

Of all the items of clothing that have become a staple in our wardrobes, separates have to be one of the most beloved. They boast an effortless combination of comfort and style and are an essential element of any wardrobe. Not only are they incredibly versatile, they flatter every shape, size, and height, making them a must-have for any occasion, look, or style persons.

Separates provide the opportunity for a more polished look, with a classic, timeless appeal. Whether it’s a matching skirt and blouse, or a ...


Midi Dress

30 Reviews

Midi dresses have been popular with celebrities for quite some time, and they have definitely made their mark as go-to fashion for red carpet events. Opting for a midi dress gives the perfect compromise between a smashing evening look and feeling comfortable at the event. This length is seventies-inspired, suits a variety of body types and looks as fantastic in the day as ...

Midi Dress

Slit Gown

67 Reviews

Between the delicate and timeless beauty of a ball gown, sleek and sophisticated lines of a sheath dress, and flirty sophistication of a mermaid dress, the slit gown have been overshadowed, forgotten about and not considered as a staple red carpet go-to. But, as we saw with the gorgeous looks on the red carpet in 2019, slit gowns are having a moment!

The appeal of a slit gown lies in the way it appears to be classically demure while still showing ...

Slit Gown


5 Reviews

The pantsuit is a timeless fashion symbol, particularly when seen on the red carpet. As modern and contemporary as it is elegant and regal, the pantsuit is a go-to fashion choice for those who have no fear of standing out from the crowd.

Although a daunting prospect for some, the pantsuit has become a staple in modern fashion, championed by many high-profile ...



55 Reviews

Feathers have always been coveted for their beauty and charm, and now they have become an essential accessory for creating sophisticated and luxurious wardrobe looks, especially when it comes to the red carpet. From bold, fluffy and dramatic designs to soft and understated pieces, feathers have been featured in some of the top 10 red carpet dresses from recent years, highlighting the mystery and glamour of the occasion.

Feathers are an ideal material for adding texture to ...



10 Reviews

Cut-Out outfits have become increasingly popular on the red carpet. Whether it’s a subtle peek-a-boo or a bold statement piece with daring gaps, Cut-Out designs have made a lasting impression amongst fashion lovers. Throwing caution to the wind, celebrities have embraced the dramatic look, confidently rocking risky designs with unexpected surprises.

Cut-Outs are both versatile and stylish. From barely there mesh detailing to extreme plunging necklines and asymmetrical patterns, they can be worn as classic minimal looks or more bold statement pieces.

Celebrity ...


Column Gown

55 Reviews

The column gown has been an evergreen staple in the world of fashion since the 1950s. While most dresses come and go, the column gown has remained a timeless classic that is commonly seen on celebrities and fashion aficionados alike. This refined gown is usually made of lightweight materials that drape over the body beautifully and has a refined column silhouette, a feature which enhances this look.

The main distinguishing feature of a column gown is its A-line or slender ...

Column Gown

Final Thought

This Top 10 list of red carpet dresses truly showed that fashion can make any look amazing! From stunning statement pieces to glamorous modern looks, these designs will remain timeless staples in red carpet fashion. When it comes to special occasions, you can trust that these outfits can make you look like a style star. So next time you need to make a fashion statement, make sure to take some inspiration from these exquisite gowns and make your own red carpet moment.

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