Top 10 Short Hair Back Styles Flattering Every Neck Type

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 6, 2023

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Short hair is chic, stylish, and super-trendy right now. Check out this list of the Top 10 Short Hair Back styles for inspiration! From sleek bobs and pixie cuts to asymmetrical fades and shags, you’ll find the perfect look here, regardless of your texture or hair length. Whether you’re rocking a lob, a buzz cut, or something in-between, embracing a short hair back style is a great change of pace. Be confident in your look and stay ahead of the fashion game with one of these trendy short hairstyles.

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The angled bob (long neck) is a classic hairstyle for those with a long neck or facial features that you want to draw attention to. It's a great way to show off your neck without going too short. This style typically falls just below the chin and is cut with a curved line, creating a flattering angled shape that adds dimension to the face.

Adding layers and texture to the bob makes it more interesting and makes it easier to style. The angled nature of the cut gives you the option ...

Angled Bob (Long Neck)

The wedge cut, also known as the short neck, is an effortless and versatile hairstyle that is great for women who prefer to keep their hair short. The style is characterized by a tapered cut on the sides and back of the head with the hair left longer on the top. This style is easy to maintain and can be worn in a variety of ways, from casual to formal.

The wedge cut is the perfect style for women with round faces who want to emphasize their ...

Wedge Cut (Short Neck)

Pixie (Thick Neck)

52 Reviews

A pixie is the perfect haircut for short-haired women who want to look modern and youthful. This style, also known as the "thick neck," is characterized by short, jagged layers that are combed back and away from the face. The thick neck gives the style a great shape and makes it look like you've been to the salon, even if you haven't!

Pixie ...

Pixie (Thick Neck)

Shag (Thin Neck)

53 Reviews

Shag (Thin Neck) hairstyles have become a modern take on the classic look. With subtle layers and a shorter cut at the back, this style has become increasingly trendy in recent years. If you're looking for a new hairstyle that's easy to maintain and can give you an edge, then a Shag (Thin Neck) hairstyle could be the look for you.

Because of its low maintenance and stylishly casual ...

Shag (Thin Neck)

A rectangular face looks best with fringe, and Curtain bangs are the perfect way to stylishly illustrate your facial characteristics to the world. Curtain bangs draw attention to your eyes, can help to frame your cheeks, and add a chic touch to your look that is effortless and always on-trend. This classic hairdo is growing in popularity, and these ten short hairstyles with curtain bangs are guaranteed to make your rectangle face look ...

Curtain Bangs (Rectangle Face)

Having a round face can often mean you feel limited when it comes to short hairstyles, but an undercut is the perfect way to embrace your facial shape and still rock a gorgeous hairdo. This cool look comes with a smooth, sleek top section, and the sides cut close and neat for an all-over hairstyle sure to be admired.

Generally speaking, an undercut looks amazing on anyone, but if you have a round face, this one really shows off your features and creates ...

Undercut (Round Face)

Bob (Oval Face)

21 Reviews

The Oval Face Bob has become a staple in the hairstyles of modern women. It is an ever-popular style for its versatility and flattering look. The Bob cut was first introduced in the late 1800s, and it has endured to become a chic style for the modern woman. As its name implies, the Bob is worn short and cut close to the head, usually at the nape of the neck. The bob works well for women ...

Bob (Oval Face)

Crop (Square Face)

11 Reviews

The Square Face shape gives a strong and solid presence to a person and the person wearing the look is perceived to be disciplined and commanded respect. There is no better style to go for those with a Square Face than opting for the cool and modern Short Hair Back.

The Short Hair Back is a style that has been ...

Crop (Square Face)

The Wolf Cut, also known as a Heart Face, has been gaining steam as a popular and fashionable hairstyle for people with short hair. This versatile style gives men and women the opportunity to make a statement without compromising their look and is perfect for those who want to keep their hair looking chic and understated.

A Wolf Cut is a hairstyle that has a distinct shape, with the sides cut short and the top ...

Wolf Cut (Heart Face)

A Layered Lob haircuts or the Diamond Face hairstyle is perfect for those who have round or oval shaped faces. Known for a flattering look due to the combination of different layers, this hairdo is an appropriate choice for women and teens alike. Since this hairstyle is meant to bring out the best feature of your face, it is one of the most popular choices among ...

Layered Lob (Diamond Face)

Final Thought

These top 10 short hair styles are diverse and glamorous, and are popular among all hair types and textures. From the sleek and sophisticated pixie cut to the textured wavy bob, each style is unique and distinctive in its own way. With the right hair styling tools, your hair can be transformed into any of these gorgeous styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the look that best suits you.

Whether you are going for a bold, daring new look, or just want an effortless everyday style, these short haircuts will give you plenty of inspiration. Show off your individual style and personality by picking one or two of these beautiful short hairstyles. Finally, don’t forget to take good care of your hair to make sure your style looks its best.

We hope this list of short hair backs provides you with the perfect look to rock this season! There is no denying that short hair is chic, classy, and full of personality.

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