Top 10 Festive Hair Trends for Every Length

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 7, 2023

175 Reviews

It's the festive season and that can only mean one thing - it's time to up your hair game! From classic looks to more daring, trending styles, this season is all about expressing your individual style with the perfect hairstyle. To help you out, we've gathered up the top 10 festive hair trends of the season for you to try and rock with confidence. Whether you're Hollywood glamour or cool and punk rock, you're sure to find something among the top 10 trends that fits your style and look your best this holiday season!

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70s Shag

39 Reviews

Ah, the 70's Shag haircut has stood the test of time and is one of the top festive hair trends. It is versatile, low-maintenance, and classic, all at once. Whether you have thick, medium, or thin hair, you can get the perfect 70s shag haircut to fit your style.

What Is The 70's Shag? The 70's Shag is a layered, choppy style haircut with medium to long length. This haircut works amazingly for almost all hair types, and can be cut to look ...


Baby Braids

57 Reviews

Ushering in the joyous celebrations, Baby Braids are an adorable, classic choice of festive hairstyle. Flaunting beautifully tiny interlocked braids, sweetly styled to perfection, it is a style full of feminine charm and cuteness.

Influenced by modern street style, Baby Braids have taken the fashion world by storm. Seen in the hair of many on the hippest runways, this easy-on-the-go hairstyle is the go-to choice for those attending an evening party or just a fun get-together.

Baby Braids are a wonderful balance between the classic and edgy ...


Candy Cane Pigtails

51 Reviews

Moving on to the next festive hair trend, how about putting a festive spin on your holiday hair with candy cane pigtails? This style is a fun way to get into the spirit of the season, without sacrificing any of your usual style. It's a great way to stand out at any festive holiday gathering or be the center of attention at a holiday photo shoot.

This look can easily be achieved with a ...


Twisted Top Not

13 Reviews

Tired of your everyday bun hairstyle and looking for a way to bring a bit of pizazz to your look? Then you need to check out the twisted top knot hair trend, one of the most fashionable festive hair trends of the season. This hairstyle is easy to recreate and perfect for any occasion or day of the week!

The twisted topknot is a playful, romantic style that is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd and get ...


Deep Purple

35 Reviews

Deep purple is a timeless classic color when it comes to hair coloring and hairstyling. It is the perfect hue to give your look an elegant, glamorous touch for the festive season. Whether you choose a subtle pastel shade or a vibrant, daring hue, deep purple can be tailored to your individual style.

This deep purple shade complements all complexions. Whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, this colour suits all types of skin quite well. The bold deep purple ...


Baby Braid Tendrils

37 Reviews

What better way to bring some sparkle to your holiday 'do than with baby braid tendrils? Not only do these adorable mini-braids add texture, but they’re also incredibly versatile. Whether you use them to accentuate an updo or weave them into natural waves and curls, these tiny braids are sure to amplify anyone's holiday look.

This festive hair trend is super easy to fix, too. Simply take a thin section of hair and plait it into a mini-braid, ...


Colorful Clips

76 Reviews

When it comes to sprucing up a festive look, nothing really stands out like colorful hair clips. From understated, subtle toned hair clips to bright hues, colorful clips bring a fresh and cheerful spirit to any holiday vibe! But how do you choose the right hair clip that helps accessorize the best version of you?

Whether you’re opting for a classic style or something more playful, color is the key to achieving a unique look. Colorful Clips can ...


Twisted Wetlook

18 Reviews

If you’re looking to stand out this holiday season with an edgy yet elegant festive hair trend, try Twisted Wetlook hair styling! Twisted Wetlook uses braids and wet hair to create amazing styles that are perfect for weddings, parties, and any other formal event.

The key to this hairstyle is playing with texture and volume. To achieve the best results, start by ...


Messy Low Braid

3 Reviews

The Messy Low Braid is the perfect way to style your hair for the upcoming festive season. The look offers an effortless-yet-polished look that's sure to turn heads. Perfect for any occasion, a messy low braid is easy to create and add in a few trendy elements.

This hairstyle can be achieved effortlessly with some simple steps for basic braiding. Start by creating a deep side parting and brushing all the hair ...


Bubble Braids

24 Reviews

Are you looking for a fun and fashionable way to spruce up your hairstyle this festive season? Look no further than the Bubble Braid – guaranteed to add a delicate touch of elegance and charm to any look.

The Bubble Braid is a simple and stylish braid style that can be easily created at home. Not only is it a great option for those wanting a casual-glam look, but it's also a great way to elevate any outfit for a special ...

Final Thought

No matter your style, our top 10 festive hair trends will turn you into a head-turner on any special occasion. From sleek and smooth to big and bold, these easy-to-recreate styles will help you find your perfect festive hairdo and set the holiday mood this season. So, get styling and welcome the festivities with a chic and effortless festive look.

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