Top 9 Soccer Hairstyles for Women

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 15, 2023

176 Reviews

The perfect hairstyle plays an important role in completing the overall soccer look. It adds a stylish and sporty feel that helps keep soccer teams looking their best. Soccer hairstyles for women are the trendsetters of the sports world, and these are some of the top 9 looks they have been rocking recently. From shoulder-length curls to high ponytails, each one of these looks is sure to turn heads and have you looking your best on the field.

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Space Buns

69 Reviews

Kicking off our list at number one is the Space buns, the ultra-trendy and versatile hairstyle that all soccer women love. Not only do they look charming and chic, but these soccer hairstyles for women are also a perfect way to show off your style off the field.

Space buns are a combination of two high buns placed side-by-side, ideally on the ...

Space Buns

Bubble Braid

8 Reviews

Claiming the second spot is a quick and easy look that is the combination of both fun and sporty, the Bubble Braid!

Like other soccer hairstyles for women, the Bubble Braid is fashionable and low-maintenance while still offering a stylish look. This style is created by double French braiding pigtails and then fastening the ends with small rubber bands. It's an ideal style for those who want a fun look that won't take too much time to create or won't hold them ...

Bubble Braid

Claw clip hairstyles, also sometimes called banana clip hairstyles, are one of the most popular trends for women's soccer hairstyles. They offer a secure and stylish look that won't interfere with the game and can be easily changed to provide a different look in a matter of seconds. With the right products and styling tools, you can create a variety of unique claw clip hairstyles to show off your natural beauty while conquering the soccer field.

To create a classic claw clip hairstyle, start by towel-drying ...

Claw Clip Hairstyles

When it comes to sporty chic hairstyles for women, it doesn’t get much better than pigtail braids. Combining two trending hairstyles – pigtails and box braids – into one, the natural hair pigtail braids look is sure to make you the envy of your opponents. Based on the trendy pigtail style, this soccer hairstyle for women adds the larger-than-life look of box braids to tie everything together.

Adding the extra hints of volume and texture to the look, these ...

Natural Hair Pigtail Braids

Simple Ponytail

71 Reviews

The classic and simple ponytail is both trendy and modern for any event, yet timeless and elegant enough to look great when playing soccer or any other sport. A classic ponytail pulled back away from the face and styled with minimal fuss offers a perfect balance of an active and feminine look, allowing soccer players the perfect combination of style and practicality.

To achieve the ...

Simple Ponytail

Dutch Braids

78 Reviews

Dutch braids, also known as two-braids, are a popular hairstyle for soccer players around the world. This chic and stylish hairdo looks great on and off the field and is easy to create. With this hairdo, you can easily keep your hair secure while playing, but you can also achieve an effortless look for wearing to practice or games. Whether you’re looking for a punk rock look or a sweet girl-next-door look, Dutch braids can help you achieve either.

The ...

Dutch Braids

Half-up half-down pigtails are a sophisticated and fun look for sports such as soccer. Usually rocked by those with long hair, this hairstyle gives the wearer a casual yet fashionable look that can easily transition from practice to a night out on the town. To rock this stylish look, make sure to tease the hair and lock it away with a flexible-hold hair tie that won’t leave dents in your hair!

To pull off the half-up half-down pigtails look, start by ...

Half Up Half Down Pigtails

Top Knot Bun

50 Reviews

No matter what the sport, a lady needs to look good on the field—and that includes her hairstyle. One of the most popular and trending soccer hairstyles is the top knot bun. This classic style is timeless, easy to maintain, and instantly upgrades any game day style.

The top knot bun is one of the more versatile soccer hairstyles for women, and the perfect choice for long or medium length hair. Best of all, the top knot can ...

Top Knot Bun

Having a great hairstyle doesn't mean having to sacrifice your hair’s health! Women’s hairstyles can be dressed up or down, and many popular looks can be achieved without having to expose your tresses to the damaging effects of heat from blow-dryers. Protective mini buns for silk press are one of the best protective hairstyles, and can look both elegant and stylish for any occasion.

This style is great for protecting longer hair from breakage, split ends, ...

Protective Mini Buns for Silk Press

Final Thought

There you have it - the Top 9 soccer hairstyles for women. From cornrows to grandmas to short and long pixie cuts, there's something for everyone. Whether you want something subtle, glamorous, or stylish, you can find the perfect cut for you. With this guide, you can create the look of your dreams and show off your confidence on the field.

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