Top 10 Cozy and Festive Winter Cocktails

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 17, 2023

199 Reviews

When the cold winter weather hits, it's the perfect time to turn up the heat with some delicious and warming winter cocktails! With a variety of flavors, styles, and spirits to choose from, these top 10 winter cocktails will bring warmth, flavor, and cheer to your cozy winter nights. From warm chocolaty drinks to cold whiskey sippers, these unique recipes will please any crowd. So grab a seat by the fire, and read on to find out which winter cocktails are the absolute best!

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Hot toddy

87 Reviews

The winter months can be dull and uninspiring, but you don't have to let the cold weather freeze your mood - instead, why not keep the party going with a Hot Toddy? This warming winter cocktail is a favorite of cold-season drinkers and is perfect for those long, chilly nights.

A Hot Toddy is a classic drink that's known to provide instant warmth and comfort with its irresistible blend of aromatic spices. The perfect balance of ...

Hot toddy

Irish coffee

52 Reviews

Forget expensive trips to the Caribbean for a warming winter treat – ditch the sun and the sea and instead indulge in the classic taste of Irish Coffee. This comforting combination of steaming hot coffee, whiskey, sugar, and freshly whipped cream provides the perfect winter nightcap. Whether you enjoy it after a meal or as an after-dinner indulgence, this sweet and creamy blend is sure to hit the spot.

Irish coffee is a true winter classic, and its creation is the stuff ...

Irish coffee

Mulled wine

79 Reviews

Next on the list, Mulled Wine is an old-world classic winter cocktail, with ancient origins in both the UK and Germany. This delightful drink combines red wine and spices, simmering together to make for a warming, sweet pleasure sure to satisfy on a cold winter night.

Crafting the perfect mulled wine requires a few simple steps: first, start with quality red wine. A rich, full-bodied merlot or cabernet sauvignon make great foundations, though Nero d'Avola, syrah, and other full-bodied wines ...

Mulled wine

Moscow mule

88 Reviews

During the winter season, one of the most iconic drinks to enjoy is a Moscow mule. The combination of the spicy flavor of ginger beer, the zesty lime, and the aromatic vodka creates an exquisite harmony of flavors. For those who love to experiment with new drinks, this winter cocktail is a tantalizing treat.

Introduced in the 1940s, the Moscow mule quickly spread in popularity and is loved all over the ...

Moscow mule

Hot buttered rum

85 Reviews

Moving on to the next cozy winter cocktail, Hot Buttered Rum is a delicious drink that combines the sweet and spicy flavors of spiced rum with creamy butter and warm milk. The combination of these ingredients creates a rich, creamy flavor that is sure to warm you up on a cold winter day. Hot buttered rum is perfect for those cozy evenings with friends and family, or even for a romantic night cuddled up in front of the fireplace. So, grab ...

Hot buttered rum


70 Reviews

How about making your winter evenings cozy and cheerful with the famous Godfather Cocktail? This classic Italian-American Whiskey-based winter cocktail is a combination of Southern Comfort and Scotch whiskey and remains the crowd-pleaser at every gathering. But what makes this iconic drink the perfect one for winter?

The Godfather combines two powerful, strong ingredients – Southern Comfort and Scotch whiskey. Southern Comfort, also called SoCo, is a sweet whiskey-flavored liqueur made with peaches and orange that ...


Espresso Martini

99 Reviews

Who doesn’t love an espresso martini during the winter? The perfect blend of coffee’s robust flavor, al the smoothness of chilled vodka, espresso martini makes for one of the most indulgence winter cocktail you’ll ever have. Its lingering, warm taste and invigorating aroma brings to mind the winter season in a special way.

This popular winter cocktail started out as an after-dinner drink in the early 1980s and ...

Espresso Martini

Peppermint martini

72 Reviews

When the winter chill takes hold it’s time to put the summer drinks aside and embrace new flavors. One popular winter flavor is peppermint, giving rise to the delicious peppermint martini. Combining the traditional vodka martini with a minty kick and candy canes or peppermint swirls, this is a drink that packs a real punch.

The Peppermint Martini is the perfect choice for an after-dinner treat. Even if you’re not a martini fan, the flavor of this cocktail is sure to entice you. Bursting with hints of chocolate, coffee, and sweet ...

Peppermint martini

Spiced cider

40 Reviews

Nothing heralds winter's approach better than a warm mug of spiced cider! With the perfect balance of spices and citrus, spiced cider is a comforting and delicious winter-weather treat. It's warm and inviting aroma wafts invitingly from the mug, tempting you to take your first sip. Whether you buy it pre-mixed or create your own concoction, there's no wrong way to enjoy spiced cider. ...

Spiced cider

Bourbon cocoa

64 Reviews

Nothing says winter quite like a cozy mug of hot cocoa! Bourbon cocoa is a delicious take on this classic winter beverage. The addition of a smooth bourbon provides notes of sweetness, complexity, and warmth to the rich cocoa flavor. Whether shared with friends or enjoyed on your own, bourbon cocoa is an easy-to-make winter cocktail that’s sure to keep you feeling toasty this season.

Bourbon cocoa is warm and comforting, making it an ideal winter drink. The unforgettable combination of bourbon and cocoa creates a ...

Bourbon cocoa

Final Thought

This article has organized ten of the absolute best winter cocktails that focus on utilizing seasonal ingredients and flavors such as mulled wine, brandy, and gingerbread for a holiday celebration to remember. The cocktails listed both a wide variety of cocktails for all types of palettes and some crowd favorites for drink connoisseurs to sample. Any of these cocktails can add sophistication to a winter soiree and make for a magical holiday season.

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