Top 10 Ways to Style Your Winter Blonde Hair

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 7, 2023

189 Reviews

Blonde hair is a timeless and classic style that you can never go wrong with. Not sure what shade of blonde is right for you? Look no further. Here are the top 10 winter blonde hairs that will provide you with the perfect opportunity to switch up your look this winter!

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Honey balayage

85 Reviews

As the top choice for people who are looking for a statement-making winter blonde hair, Honey Balayage is an excellent combination of golden and caramel tones. This look is suitable for an elegant and sunny blonde style as the temperatures drop.

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that creates a natural and subtle look. The result is flowing streaks of color that create movement and fabulous dimension. To get ...

Honey balayage

The colder months of winter are the best time of the year for you to switch up your hairstyle and add a burst of style to your look. If you're looking to give your hair a warm and cheerful update, face-framing layers are the perfect way to do it. Blonde hair is anything but one-dimensional, and face-framing layers are the perfect tool to make your hair look fuller, shinier, and more cheerful. These face-framing layers are the ultimate way to highlight your face and bring a natural, glamorous ...

Face framing layers

Platinum moneypiece

41 Reviews

Platinum money piece is a versatile trend that looks absolutely stunning in any style, from an intricate braided hairstyle to a stunning half-up look. Whether you’re looking to add some extra pizzazz to your go-to look or change up your style, adding a few platinum accents to your hair is the way to go. Here are the top ten ways to style your winter blonde hair with platinum moneypiece.

Add an elegant touch to your look with a beautifully braided bun. A platinum ten ...

Platinum moneypiece

Brown root smudge

82 Reviews

Whether you’re trying to keep a natural-looking color or just looking to add depth to your blonde locks, the brown root smudge has something for everyone. This winter blonde hair style is an easy way to transition into a deeper brown without fully committing to the hue.

A brown root smudge can be done with either a balayage or an ombre style. With balayage, the effect is a subtle transition ...

Brown root smudge

Beachy waves

68 Reviews

As the winter months approach, you may be looking for a new hair color to brighten up your look. Blonde hair is always a great choice, and it can be styled to look natural and effortless with beachy waves. Beachy waves can be achieved with a few simple tips and products designed specifically for blonde hair.

Start by using a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for blonde hair. These products will help maintain the color and shine of your blonde ...

Beachy waves

Milkmaid braids

94 Reviews

Create a modern-day tousled look and reap the fashion benefits with timeless milkmaid braids. A mainstay of the winter blonde hair trend, this will be sure to grab attention and even make your friends jealous. It's a sophisticated hairstyle and great for those who want a fashionable hairstyle solution that is anything but boring.

What Are Milkmaid Braids?

Milkmaid braids, or crown braids, is a two-strand braid style that has two sections of hair braided around the head and connected in the back. It often looks as ...

Milkmaid braids

Half-up swept style

13 Reviews

In the midst of winter weather and shorter days, one thing is clear: It’s time to up our hair game. Half-up swept styles are the perfect go-to winter look because they’re timeless and easy to pull off. For 2023, try updating the classic half-up style with warm, subtle blonde highlights. These shades will bring out your features without going too bold.

Creating a half-up-half-down style is easy enough for a beginner to try, and ...

Half-up swept style

Faux lob

47 Reviews

With its classic shape and modern color, a faux lob can give you chic, sophisticated winter blonde hair for the colder months. A faux lob is an edgy hairstyle that is also extremely versatile and flattering for most face shapes. The style features a mid-length cut with soft waves that tumble over your shoulders. The look can be easily tailored to fit any color of hair - blonde, dark brown, and auburn are all popular and look great in the winter months.

Blonde ...

Faux lob

Sparkly accessories

55 Reviews

How about switching up your look with some bling? Whether you're adding a little something to your party outfit or looking for everyday accessories, sparkly jewelry pieces are the perfect way to glam up your blonde winter hairstyle. From earrings to necklaces and even some hair accessories, when it comes to rocking a gorgeous blonde hairstyle and some glitzy jewelry, the possibilities are endless.

From chandelier earrings to statement necklaces, you can never go wrong with bold and creative pieces. Whether you're looking for something that stands out ...

Sparkly accessories

High pony swing

25 Reviews

If you’re looking for an easy-to-pull-off hairstyle this winter, then you don’t need to look any further than the trendy and chic High Ponytail Swing. Whether you’re looking for a style that’s perfect for the winter months, or searching for a way to bring your winter wardrobe to the next level, the High Ponytail Swing is the perfect hairdo ...

High pony swing

Final Thought

We can all agree that blonde hair is a hot winter trend. Whether you're a natural blonde or just ready for a change, these top 10 winter blonde hair looks are sure to inspire you to find the perfect style to match your personality. Ranging from subtle to bold hues, you can take your pick from these stylish styles and find the perfect match for your unique look.

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