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Coco: A Journey Through the Land of the Dead

Coco (2017) is a stunning exploration of Mexican culture and family. It takes the audience on a journey through time and space as Miguel reconnects with his ancestors and discovers the magic of his own culture. It deftly combines beautiful visuals and a powerful score to tell a touching story that will leave viewers moved.

Land of the Dead

It follows Miguel, a young aspiring musician, on a journey through the Land of the Dead. Along the way, he meets the trickster Hector and learns about the generations of his family’s past. Coco is a Disney/Pixar production that is visually stunning and emotionally moving at the same time.

The story follows Miguel’s journey through the Land of the Dead as he discovers his family’s past. He comes to understand his ancestors’ struggles as well as the power of his cultural heritage. Along the way, Miguel is aided by his faithful dog Dante, and the trickster Hector.

Stunning Visuals

The visuals in Coco are stunning. From the vibrant colors of the ofrendas to the intricate details of the graves, each frame is a work of art. The Land of the Dead is lush and vibrant, filled with larger-than-life papel picados and brilliantly illuminated candles. The attention to detail is truly captivating.

The score is perhaps the most impressive aspect of Coco. Enabled by the impressive soundtrack by Mexican composer Germán Cardenas, the score pairs perfectly with the visuals to further immerse viewers in the story. Each musical number is an adventure in and of itself, transporting listeners to the vibrant Land of the Dead.

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