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DIY Halloween Treats

Ghostly Meringue Cookies for the Perfect Halloween Treat

Are you looking for spooky yet delicious treats to make this Halloween? Why not try making Ghostly Meringue Cookies? These traditional sugar cookies are quick and easy to bake, and yet look so eerie and delightful that they will be sure to bring some Halloween spirit into your home. Not to mention they taste incredibly delicious too!

To make these meringue cookies you will need to simply start by whisking together egg whites with a little bit of sugar. Once you have achieved a soft peak, you can then add the rest of the sugar and a little bit of cream of tartar to give your cookies a bit of a tangy flavor. Then it's time to start piping out your cookies and bake them until crisp.

How To Turn Ghostly Meringue Cookies Even Spookier

Once your meringue cookies are baked and cooled, it's time to add a few creepy decorations! You can buy food coloring to tint white buttercreams with eerie hues of green, purple, or even some of the classic Halloween shades of orange or black. Then, you can use some buttercream to attach candy eyes to your cookies for a truly spooky and fun look that your guests are sure to love.

Have a Ghoulishly Delicious Halloween with Ghostly Meringue Cookies

There's no doubt that these Ghostly Meringue Cookies will be a hit at your next Halloween get-together or party. Not only do they make a delicious treat, but they also look creepy and spooky enough to help bring some Halloween spirit into your home! So, give these treats a try this year and have the most ghoulishly delicious Halloween ever.

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