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Getting Started with Ingress Prime

Join the dystopian world of Ingress Prime and become an agent of the Enlightened or the Resistance as you explore the depths of augmented reality (AR). With Ingress Prime, you discover new and mysterious places in your neighborhood which you can hack for rewards. As an agent of the Enlightened or the Resistance, you team up with other agents and form a powerful alliance. By working together, you can unlock portals and factions and forge more powerful links, making your faction stronger.

Available on both Android and iPhone, Ingress Prime offers a unique AR-based gaming experience to its players. The game revolves around two factions – the Enlightened and the Resistance – which are in a constant struggle for control of the portals scattered around the world. You can join these factions by choosing one of them and taking part in various activities throughout the game.

In Ingress Prime, you get to explore the secrets of the world. As you travel to new places and portals, you can collect valuable items to help your team become stronger. Moreover, Ingress Prime includes puzzle-solving elements that require Agents to hack orbs and other objects to gain access to hidden secrets. With exciting levels and challenges, this game keeps players engaged for hours.


The main objective of Ingress Prime is to explore and capture the portals scattered around neighborhoods – either for the Enlightened or the Resistance faction. There are also Missions that require teamwork and involve discovering rare artifacts, hacking objects and puzzles, and linking portals. In order to progress in the game, Agents must upgrade their Agent Levels by collecting "XM", which comes from fully charged portals and is used to approve mission objectives and purchase items. Additionally, Agents also have the ability to upgrade their Gear, such as the XMP Burster and Resonator, making them more powerful and dangerous.

Visuals and Audio

Ingress Prime offers a breathtaking and immersive AR experience, transporting players into a fascinating virtual world. With impressive visuals and an intense soundtrack, this game truly creates a thrilling atmosphere. Ingress Prime's vibrant graphics feature realistic textures, detailed characters, and distinct sceneries. Moreover, the game's audio is set to the perfect background, making it even more immersive.


Ingress Prime is an astounding AR game where two factions – the Enlightened and the Resistance – battle for control of the world. Offering exciting levels and challenging Missions, this game will keep players engaged for hours. With an immersive atmosphere and thrilling visuals and audio, Ingress Prime is one of the best AR games around.

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