Salon Nouveau
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Experience the Ultimate Hair Service at Salon Nouveau

Situated at the heart of Greenville NC, Salon Nouveau provides their customers with a wide range of hair services to clients all over the region. From basic haircuts and treatments to specialty services such as styling, coloring, and long hair treatments, Salon Nouveau has it all.

Reliable and Trustworthy Hair Professionals

Operated by some of the most experienced hair professionals in Greenville NC, the salon ensures customers receive the best service. In addition to providing hair services that are always on trend with the latest looks and styles, Salon Nouveau also makes sure all their services exceed expectations and take quality into account.

A Variety of Hair Services

At Salon Nouveau, customers can find the perfect look for their hair. Whether you are looking for a basic cut and styling, or something more extravagant for a special occasion, the experienced hair professionals at Salon Nouveau will be able to fulfill your needs. Specialty services include hair coloring, braiding, and long hair treatments, for a truly unique look.

Modern Facilities

Salon Nouveau is equipped with the latest in modern hair care technology and practices. The salon uses top-of-the-line products and equipment to ensure customers get the best results every time. In addition, the salon is neat and tidy, featuring comfortable chairs, bright colors, and modern decor that creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Affordable Prices

Salon Nouveau offers competitive rates for all of its hair services. From basic cuts and styles to more extensive treatments, customers can count on Salon Nouveau for superior service at a reasonable price.

Convenient Hours

The salon is open seven days a week, with early morning and late evening appointments available. Clients can also enjoy after-hours appointments for special services such as coloring and styling.

Book Your Appointment Today

For everything from basic haircuts to luxurious specialty services, Salon Nouveau is the perfect choice for all of your hair care needs. Book your appointment today and experience the ultimate hair service right in the heart of Greenville, NC.

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Photo by polarrunningexpeditions.com via polarrunningexpeditions.com

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