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Flying the World's Cheapest LIE FLAT Business Class...

The Origin Story of Southwest Airline

It is interesting to notice that the original idea for this airline company was sketched on a napkin at a bar 50 years ago. Recently, 5 decades from that day, the world is enjoying one of the top 8 cheapest airline companies, started by Herb Kelleher and Rollin King, that forever changed the world of domestic United States air travel territory. With a fleet of over 700 aircraft and over 400 destinations in the US, Caribbean, and Central America, they are a leader in affordable air travel.

Their commitment to low costs and affordable fares have made Southwest an excellent choice for travelers who want the best airline experience at the lowest possible cost. Southwest Airlines is consistently ranked on top airline lists for their great customer service, wide selection of routes, and dedication to low fare options. Additionally, they are well known for their perks, which include free checked bags, free in-flight entertainment, and the ability to change flights without incurring a fee.

Southwest & Low-cost Airlines

Southwest Airlines is often cited as an example of a major airline that has embraced and innovated in the low-cost airline market. Rather than offering fancier amenities and charging higher fares, they focus on providing an efficient, no-frills air travel experience while keeping prices low. It is this commitment to low cost fares that has made them such a popular option for budget-minded travelers.

Southwest's Other Offerings

In addition to offering low fares, Southwest also offers a wide range of additional rewards and services. In particular, they are well known for their Rapid Rewards program which offers a variety of perks, including flight upgrades, food and drink vouchers, waived baggage fees, and more. They also offer a flexible flight change policy, which means that travelers can change their flight without incurring a fee.

Making Air Travel Affordable for Everyone

Since their inception, Southwest Airlines has strived to make air travel more affordable and accessible to everyone. By focusing on efficiency and low costs, they have managed to keep airfares low while still delivering a quality experience to their customers. This commitment to low fares and great customer service has made Southwest a popular option for budget-minded travelers and has earned them a well-deserved reputation as one of the best airline companies in the US.

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