Trendy basketball hairstyles

Trendy basketball hairstyles

Top 1 in Top 5 Best Basketball Hairstyles

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Get Your Hair Game On Point With Trendy Basketball Hairstyles

Ever since basketball hit the mainstream, sporting a new look has become a statement on and off the court. And there's no other statement maker quite like the perfect basketball hairstyle. What better way to express your style and show off the latest look than with a bold a funky mane on your head?

From tight cornrows to long and coily afros, trending basketball hairstyles are constantly evolving and becoming more versatile. They also need to be light and are easy to manage when it comes to hitting the court. So here are some of the hippest and trendiest basketball hair ideas.

#1 ‒ Sleek Taper Fade

Taper fades are one of the trendiest and most stylish hairstyles in basketball. They feature a gradual transition from trimmed sides and back to longer hair on top. It's versatile and can easily blend to your preferred length. It has that clean yet edgy look that will definitely look cool when paired with a clean cut flat-top.

#2 ‒ High Top Fade

The high top fade is coined from the traditional flat-top cut shot to fame by hip-hop artist in the '80s. It features the traditional leveled top and a high taper from the side and back. It might require some additional maintenance since it needs to stay razor-sharp. To keep it fly, add some waves for a unique touch.

#3 ‒ Braided Style

Spice up the 'do with a fierce and funky braided hairstyle. It's easy to maintain with a regular braid and tightness can last for weeks. Choose from an array of fabulous designs, from a single tight cornrow to bigger and wilder looks. For extra pizzazz, you can add some beads into the mix for a dash of color.

#4 ‒ Long Afro

Create a '60s throwback vibe with a beautiful long afro. It's one of the most stylish basketball haircuts for men. It's also great if you want to flaunt your curly hair. The hair is grown out an extra inches long before styling into a round brush-up at the front and thicker puff on the crown.

#5 ‒ Short Cut

If short and simple is your thing, then you cannot go wrong with a short cut. It's classic and easy to manage. The look is achieved with the barber's clippers trimming down the hair to the desired length. Keep it neat by going for regular trims to keep the style fresh.

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