The Rise Of The Side Part: How Hollywood Is Embracing This Classic Hair Trend

The Rise Of The Side Part: How Hollywood Is Embracing This Classic Hair Trend

Ah the magic of Cannes! As Hollywood's most fashionable flock to the famed French Riviera festival each year, one hairstyle reigns supreme on the coveted red carpets - none other than the classic side part. Flipping through the striking styles from the week's festivities, it's clear Tinseltown's leading ladies can't get enough of this chameleon-like look.

Take Shanina Shaik's retro glamour in her neatly pinned updo - oozing Old Hollywood sophistication. Meanwhile countrywoman Léa Seydoux lent a carefree caress with her deeply parted tousled waves, infusing quintessential French je ne sais quoi. Proof indeed that even the most timeless trends yield endlessly chic new iterations in creative hands.

Whether straight or wavy, sleek or tousled, these beauties work this subtle accent from every flattering angle. Pour moi, their reinvented iterations of the ever-versatile side part exude the effortless charm and vibrance that is La Côte d'Azur itself. Vive la différence, and long live this red carpet mainstay!

As a longtime fan of the side part myself, I'm thrilled to see it dominate headlines once again. There's a reason this classic look has stood the test of time - it's universally flattering on all face shapes and hair textures. On busy days when I want polish without extra effort, the side part is my go-to. Simply swiping my hair to the side instantly makes me feel put together.

Celebrity hairstylist Tom Smith shared that perfectly coiffed side parts will continue to be huge through summer according to his predictions. Perhaps Generation Z's dismissal of the style as "boring" was premature - it seems Hollywood divas can't get enough! If our favorites like Léa Seydoux and Sabrina Elba are rocking the look, it's safe to say the side part is back with a vengeance. I, for one, couldn't be happier about it.

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