Top 10 Best Hair Colors for Grey Eyes to Enhance Natural Beauty

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 14, 2023

200 Reviews

Hair color is a key factor in complementing one's eye color and enhancing natural beauty. While grey eyes can work with many shades, some hues simply pop more than others when paired with this striking eye color. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 best hair colors for grey eyes that help bring out their cool tones and make the eyes the center of attention. Whether you want to choose colors that match your eyes or provide high contrast, keeping your hair hue on the lighter side of the spectrum will allow your grey irises to truly shine through. Get ready to discover the most complimentary hair colors that maximize the beauty of your cool-toned peepers!

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List of 10 best hair color for grey eyes

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Ash blonde

98 Reviews

Are you wondering what is the best hair color for grey eyes? Ash blonde is one of the most flattering options for you. It has a cool and subtle effect, making it a perfect match for grey and blue eyes, which are often cool-tinted. Ash blonde hair colors have a lot of depth and dimension, which helps to create a bold look and highlight your eyes ...

Ash blonde

Platinum Blonde

33 Reviews

Not far behind is Platinum Blonde, one of the most stunning, glamorous shades for all eye colors, and those with grey eyes are no exception. Ideal for bringing out the mysterious smoky hue of grey eyes, platinum blonde will add an uncomplicated sophistication to your look. Darkening your roots and leaving your icy blonde strands even brighter will draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

The Platinum blonde will make your hair look slicker, sleeker, ...

Platinum Blonde


87 Reviews

Coming in at number three suggestion, Silver makes a bold statement while still being soft and subtle, and it's the perfect color to complement the deep gray shade of a grey eye. Silver hair color for grey eyes has the benefit of featuring multiple shades and tones, giving it a luxurious look that has been sought after for centuries. It can look natural while still being quite eye-catching. It can also give a person's overall look ...


Light brown

74 Reviews

Next on the list, let's consider another best hair colors for grey eyes, Light brown. This hair color will bring out the subtle variations of grey in your eyes in a stunning way. With light brown hair, you can accentuate your natural beauty and make your eyes look even more brilliant. Here are some reasons why light brown is a great choice for those with grey eyes.

Light brown hair has a soft, subtle ...

Light brown

Dark blonde

25 Reviews

In case the above recommendations do not satisfy you, why don't we try some Dark Blonde for your hair? It’s a gorgeous hue that can bring out the best in your eye color while making your hair look full and lively. Here we’ll discuss why dark blonde is one of the best hair colors for grey eyes, what shade of dark blonde would be the ideal colour for you, and give some tips on how to maintain your ...

Dark blonde

For dark-skinned ladies looking to make a bold statement, Warm Chocolate Brown Hair Color may be the best hair color for grey eyes you're looking for. This eye-catching hair color is a great option for those with natural grey eyes, as it helps them stand out with its stunning saturation and depth of color.

Warm Chocolate Brown Hair Color for grey eyes is a gorgeous pick because it allows for truly striking looks. The shade of warm brown has a unique harmony of ...

Warm chocolate brown


76 Reviews

Gray eyes have a unique allure that captivates viewers and adds a certain depth to your outlook. As a result, when accompanying gray eyes with the right choice of hair color, you offer a special presentation of beauty that is hard to rival.

If you possess grey eyes, why not choose the color violet to bring out the unique features of your eye color? Violet is an understated and elegant color that can do wonders in adding allure and mystery to gray eyes.

When discussing the color violet and hair ...



41 Reviews

At number eight, one of the most classic and flattering shades for grey eyes is blue. This high-contrasting color can make your eyes stand out from the crowd. It’s a great color for people with fair skin and light hair, as you’ll really be able to see the blue tones in your eyes! Blue is also perfect for any season, so no matter ...



59 Reviews

The captivating shimmers of grey eyes come to life with the brilliant subtlety of Auburn. A captivating combination of blonde, brown and red tones – Auburn hair is the perfect hair color to complement your grey eyes. Rich and glossy, the best auburn hair color will bring out the best in your eyes and skin tones.

Featuring copper auburn shades that bursts with energy and a dazzling glaze, this vibrant hue brings ...


Pastel Pink

12 Reviews

Finally, at number ten choice, if you’re looking to be bold and beautiful, pastel pink is the ideal hair color to flatter your grey eyes. This soft and subtle muted pink shade complements grey eyes and is the perfect way to freshen up an everyday look.

This delicate and feminine shade is low maintenance and instantly adds charm and sophistication. Pastel pink ...

Pastel Pink

Final Thought

Grey eyes come in many different shades and are greatly complemented by an array of different hair colors. Whether you want to bring out the warmth in your complexion or soften your features, or even change up your look for a more dramatic transformation, these top 10 best hair colors for grey eyes allow you to do just that. From honey blonde to dark chestnut to vivid auburn, there is sure to be something that will flatter your features and help you express who you are. Whether you're considering a subtle change or something more dramatic (even a total makeover!), these hair colors for grey eyes are sure to make you look and feel fabulous.

If you are unsure about which one to choose, remember that the best hair color for grey eyes will always be the one that makes you happiest. Experiment and try out different shades and tones until you find the one that best suits your features and personality. There are so many options out there, so you are sure to find something that complements your beauty features and makes you feel fabulous!

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