Top 9 Best Hair Salons in Rockford Il

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 6, 2023

186 Reviews

Are you looking for the best hair salons in Rockford? We've got you covered! Check out our list of the top 9 hair salons in Rockford, IL. These salons feature experienced stylists, modern amenities, and friendly customer service, ensuring a premium experience for anyone looking for a new 'do. Whether you need a trim, a full color change, or simply a wash and blow-dry, these salons are sure to provide the highest-quality services Rockford has to offer. Read on to find out our top picks!

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Alchemy Salon

70 Reviews

At Alchemy Salon in Rockford, IL, you can create your classic style and enjoy an exquisite salon experience. This hip, modern salon specializes in cutting-edge hair services – from cut and color to highlights, extensions, and chemical treatments. Their talented and experienced stylists are highly-skilled at creating the perfect look for any occasion. And with their luxurious and comfortable atmosphere, pure indulgence awaits.

The team at Alchemy Salon is passionate about hair and ...

Alchemy Salon

Simon Salon and Spa

28 Reviews

Whether you're looking for a stunning new hairstyle or a relaxing spa experience, you can find it all at Simon Salon & Spa, one of the worth-to-try hair salons in Rockford IL. This full-service salon offers the latest trends in hair care, beauty, and spa services. Whether you're in search of a haircut or an indulgent facial, Simon Salon & Spa has something to make you look and feel fabulous.

At Simon Salon & Spa, you can be sure you're getting the highest quality services. Our professional stylists are experienced in ...

Simon Salon and Spa

Primp Hair Salon

55 Reviews

Offering a wide range of hair services, from cuts and color to perms and more, Primp Hair Salon is considered the ideal destination for those looking to get their hair done in style. With a highly trained team of experienced stylists, Primp Hair Salon provides a personalized experience tailored to each individual's needs. Whether you're looking for a classic cut or want to go bold and experiment ...

Primp Hair Salon

Strand Hair Salon

76 Reviews

Using modern techniques and the latest hair-care products, Strand Hair Salon can create a unique style that complements your lifestyle. The experienced and talented stylists take pride in offering their clients quality hair care in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Strand Hair Salon offers a variety of services including haircuts, coloring, highlighting, balayage, deep conditioning, and perms. They also offer waxing, makeup, and eyelash extensions. Whether you're looking for a special occasion style or just a simple everyday ...

Strand Hair Salon

Vogue Hair Designs

45 Reviews

At Vogue Hair Designs, we strive to create the perfect style for you. Our team of professional hair stylists specialize in creating and enhancing special occasion and everyday looks. From classic updos to sleek blowouts, our hair designers are here to give you the look you desire!

At Vogue Hair Designs, we understand the importance of a good hair day. Our team of experienced hair stylists are dedicated to providing you with a superior experience each and every time you come to our salon. From color ...

Vogue Hair Designs

Salon Nouveau

86 Reviews

When it comes to finding the top hair salons in Rockford, Illinois, Salon Nouveau is the place to go. This salon is renowned for its cutting-edge style, superior services, and friendly, experienced team. Every service at Salon Nouveau is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client and the goal of creating beautiful hair.

Salon Nouveau’s staff of stylists are passionate about hair and committed to ...

Salon Nouveau

Salon Lofts

75 Reviews

Salon Lofts in Rockford IL is one of the best places to get a talented hair makeover. They offer an array of services to provide you with beautiful, healthy, and manageable hair with trendy styles. Their experienced stylists are passionate about making you look and feel beautiful. Whether you need a simple trim or an extravagant makeover, Salon Lofts has ...

Salon Lofts

The Hair Spectrum

51 Reviews

If you’re looking for the top hair salon Rockford IL, then make sure to check out The Hair Spectrum. Located in the heart of the city, this modern salon is the perfect place to enjoy your pampering session. With the latest equipment, a team of experienced professionals, and a relaxed atmosphere, you’ll be sure to find a look that suits you and leaves you feeling refreshed.

The ...

The Hair Spectrum

Indigo Hair Salon

10 Reviews

Offering a wide range of services, from hair styling to hair coloring, Indigo Hair Salon ensures that each customer walks away looking and feeling their best. Their expert stylists offer customized solutions to meet each individual’s unique needs.

Whether you’re looking for a simple trim, or a dramatic hair makeover, Indigo Hair Salon has you covered. Stylists are experienced and knowledgeable in the latest trends ...

Indigo Hair Salon

Final Thought

In conclusion, Rockford IL offers a variety of great hair salons for everyone's taste and budget. We hope you have been able to find the perfect salon for your needs from our Top 9 Best Hair Salons in Rockford Il list. Wherever you decide to go, you can be sure that these highly-rated salons will make you look and feel your best, so get ready to rock your new look!

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