Top 12 Cute Bubble Braid Hairstyles to Try

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 29, 2023

185 Reviews

The classic bubble hairstyle has been a staple of vintage fashion for centuries. From the charming Marilyn Monroe to the flamboyant Elvis Presley, this classic look has always been chic and timeless. Today, bubble hairstyles are making a comeback and can be tailored to fit any face shape and hair type. Looking for some inspiration? Here are our top twelve favorite bubble hairstyle looks! From modern takes on the classic to bold and daring new looks, you are sure to find something that fits your style - and your hair.

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Basic bubble braid

9 Reviews

Braids are the perfect style for any occasion, and the basic bubble braid is no exception. Not only is it a great option for a fun and flirty look, but it's also versatile and easy to pull off. From festival season to everyday life, the basic bubble braid is sure to make any hairstyle pop.

The basic bubble braid is a classic hairstyle that works great ...

Basic bubble braid

Double bubble braid

36 Reviews

Unique, eye-catching, and stylish: these are just a few words that can be used to describe the classic double bubble braid. This intricate hairstyle can be seen everywhere from the red carpet to the everyday morning routine. Whether you like a natural-looking fishtail braid or a perfect French braid, the double bubble braid is the perfect way to add a little extra flair to your hair routine.

A double bubble braid is essentially two bubble braids ...

Double bubble braid

Bubble braid crown

73 Reviews

The bubble braid crown can be easily created in your own home in just a few simple steps. To begin, secure your hair into a low ponytail. Then, divide the ponytail into two small sections. For each section, start from the end and make small pigtail braids, approximately 1-2 cm in size. Once you reach the top, you will wrap the braid around the circumference of the ponytail before securing it with a hair elastic.

The result is a hairstyle that ...

Bubble braid crown

Bubble space buns

65 Reviews

The hottest and trendiest style in the street fashion world right now is bubble space buns. This fun and funky hairdo is ideal for the free-spirited individual who wants a causal but stylish look. The bubble buns are versatile and can be styled for everyday wear or a night on the town.

Bubble space buns are elegant and sophisticated, and they are a great way ...

Bubble space buns

Bubble half up

26 Reviews

The bubble half-up is a classic take on an updo hairstyle that has made a comeback in recent years, and we could not be more excited. The cool thing about a bubble half-up is that you can style it for a casual, everyday look or you can glam it up for those special occasions.

The bubble half-up hairstyle definitely can be ...

Bubble half up

Mermaid bubble braid is a visually stunning hairstyle that has been gaining popularity lately. It features bubble-like curls and intricate braids, and is bound to give you an air of mysteriousness. To achieve the perfect mermaid bubble braid look, you will need a lot of hairclips, bobby pins, and a few styling accessories.

To start off, you'll need to brush your hair until it's tangle-free and take two sections of the hair. Take one hand-sized section of hair and tie it with a clip. Then, gently tease the length ...

Mermaid bubble braid

Do you need an easy hairstyle for a special occasion that’s different from the norm? Bubble-braid pigtails may be the answer. If you want to stand out from the crowd and create a unique look, this is the perfect style for you.

This unconventional bubble braid hairstyle is eye-catching and sure to draw attention. Bubble-braid pigtails are perfect for formal events or to wear around the ...

Bubble braid pigtails

Bubble fishtail braid is one of the most popular hairstyles for anyone who loves braids. It consists of multiple fishtail braids created with bubbles or knots. It's a unique look that will make heads turn and give you some serious style points.

Bubble Fishtail Braid is a combination of fishtail and French braids that is super stylish and can be done in a variety of ways. You can create either a partial or full head of the bubble fishtail braid, ...

Bubble fishtail braid

The bubble braid headband is the ultimate must-have hair accessory for this season. The bubble-like effect of the braid gives it a unique and eye-catching look. It can instantly upgrade any look from beachy waves to a boho chic style. Whether you’re heading off to a festival or out to the beach, a bubble braid headband will make you stand out from the rest.

This style of braided headband has been seen on celebs like Vanessa ...

Bubble braid headband

Bubble braid waves

66 Reviews

Fashion enthusiasts can go crazy for the bubble braid waves hairstyle. These beautiful plaits create a stunning look that is sure to turn heads in admiration. Whether you are going to a special event, wedding, or just everyday occasions, this hairstyle is an easy go-to for any hair type. It is also very simple and can be created in minutes with the right technique.

This style is created by tightly braiding two or three ...


Bubble braid updo

90 Reviews

The bubble braid updo is a beautiful and simple hairstyle that provides an elegant look suitable for both formal and casual occasions. This style looks great whether you are wearing a dress or just a t-shirt. It is quite easy to create this bubble braid hairstyle and the results are stunning. Whether you have long or short hair, this style can be achieved with ...

Bubble braid updo

If you are looking for an easy but eye-catching way to switch up your hairstyle, go no further than bubble braids. They are hot, stylish and easy to do.

Bubble braids are a modern twist on traditional braids. They feature several loops of varying sizes and shapes to form a beautiful bubble-like pattern. They can be done on long or short hair and are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re attending a special event or just going out ...

Bubble braids galore

Final Thought

From simple bubble braids to complex multi-bundle styles, the Top 12 bubble hairstyles will give you that chic and effortlessly stylish look you have been dreaming of! Our list has something for everyone – from those who prefer a simpler look to those who enjoy taking their style game to the next level. Each of these styles is easy to achieve, yet durable enough for the summer heat and wear and tear. Whatever your opinion on bubbly hair, you can't deny they are a great way to show off your style and stand out from the crowd.

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