Top 10 Curled Bob Black Women's Hairstyle Ideas

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 16, 2023

193 Reviews

The curled bob is a quintessential shortcut that never goes out of style. For Black women, it provides endless versatility from sleek to playful textures allowing creative freedom to highlight natural hair textures and qualities. We've curated the top 10 curled bob black women's hairstyles that are sure to inspire your next salon visit or at-home do. Whether wearing it natural, with bundled-out ends, or featuring front pieces, you'll find a way to rock the bob that resonates with your signature flair.

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Messy curled bob

88 Reviews

Leading our list at number one is the low-maintenance messy curled bob, a timeless classic that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. This look is a great curled bob black women's hairstyle idea to create a glamorous look that's both chic and effortless. The messy curls will give your hair movement and bounce, while the messy texture will give it an edgy vibe that will make heads turn. Plus, ...


Women with thicker, curly, or kinky hair can achieve great looks with a side-swept curled bob. This shorter bob-cut hairstyle adds shape, volume, and structure to your tresses, plus it's super easy to manage. The curled bob lets you show off your inner goddess in vibrant waves that will create a statement wherever you go.

The side-swept bob lets you get creative with ...


The voluminous curled bob is a popular hairstyle choice for African American women, as it creates a sophisticated, stylish look that is sure to turn heads. With tight curls at the top and loose curls at the ends, this curled bob black women's hairstyle idea offers volume and texture to your hair. It is great for women of all ages who are looking for a classic, yet modern style that won't go out of fashion. By using styling products such as a ...


Wavy curled bob

65 Reviews

Another considerable idea for black women who are looking for a suitable curled bob is the Wavy Curled Bob. This timeless look is both bold and beautiful, making it a favorite among celebrity hairstylists, fashion influencers, and beauty gurus alike.

The classic cut frames the face and can be styled to look modern or vintage. It’s versatile and timeless, flattering all kinds of face shapes and age groups. It’s incredibly easy to maintain and style, being accepted as a ...


Mini curled bob

32 Reviews

As an adored hairstyle for elegant black women, the mini curled bob is the go-to style for many. Not only is it classic and classy, but it also adds a certain edge to any look. Sleek and sexy, this style can be worn both formally and casually thanks to its versatility.

The beauty of the mini curled bob is in its simplicity. It’s a short cut that can be ...

Nothing says glamour and elegance quite like a deep side parted curled bob. Whether you want to transform your look from casual to professional or add some drama to a night out on the town, this classic curled bob black women's hair look is always fashionable and on-trend.

This versatile hairstyle works well for black women of all hair textures and lengths, and it can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Not sure about investing in a full ...

A flipped out curled bob is a classic hairstyle that looks good on any African American woman. This style is great for those who have short to medium length of hair, and want something that's also stylish and easy to maintain. Whether you're looking for a modern edge or a classic look, this curled bob black women's hairstyle is the perfect choice.

The flipped out curled bob ...

For those looking for glamorous and stylish looks, check out the Tousled Layered Curled Bob. With this hairstyle, you will say goodbye to the traditional, boring bob for good. This angled bob hairstyle is a great choice for black women, as it’s easy to style and maintain. It also looks great in a variety of settings, making it the perfect hair option for work or a night on the town.

The tousled layered curled bob looks ...


Is there anything more gorgeous than a blunt cut curled bob on a black woman? We think not. This timeless hairstyle will showcase your natural beauty, allowing you to feel confident and look fabulous. Whether your curls are relaxed, wild, or somewhere in between, the blunt cut bob will capture all the attention, as you strut your stuff confidently.

The advantages of the classic blunt cut curled bob are vast, with the low-maintenance look allowing you to rock a stylish design without having to put ...


Black women with medium-length hair have many hairstyle options. But if you’re looking for a style that is both timeless and modern, you should consider getting the curled bob with bangs. This look is perfect for any occasion – whether you’re headed to the office or attending a special event. Plus, bangs help to frame your face, creating an overall polished look. Below, we’ll discuss why this classic hairstyle is a favorite ...

Final Thought

In conclusion, if you're looking for a stylish and modern haircut, the curled bob is a great option. It can be tailored to any face shape and hair texture, and is accessible to both short and long hair. And of course, no list of curled bobs would be complete without mentioning the beautiful black women who look timeless with their own versions of this classic hairstyle. From Viola Davis to Lupita Nyong'o, their elegant styles have inspired us all. No matter which of these looks you decide to try, you can be assured of creating a look that's both timeless and chic.

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