Top 10 Cute Long Hair Hairstyles: Braids, Waves, Updos & More!

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 9, 2023

187 Reviews

Women with long, flowing locks have plenty of options when it comes to hair styling. Finding cute styles that are also manageable enough for everyday wear can sometimes be a challenge with hair that reaches past the shoulders. In this guide, we'll cover 10 hairstyles that are ideal for long hair and instantly elevate any look. From romantic braids to trendy twists, these cute and creative styles deserve a spot in any long-haired woman's repertoire.

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Boho Braided Crown

43 Reviews

For a special occasion or just a night out on the town, the Boho Braided Crown is the perfect way to make a statement with your long hair. This distinctive, yet classic look enhances your natural beauty by featuring long, voluminous curls gathered at the nape of the neck, expertly braided at the front of your head and adorned with beads, intricate ...

Boho Braided Crown

Sleek High Ponytail

36 Reviews

When looking for an elegant style for long hair, nothing beats the Sleek High Ponytail. This look is perfect for formal dress occasions, or if you simply want to look polished all day every day. It is also easy to style and can be modified to suit different looks.

For an instantly noticeable yet professional hairstyle, the sleek high ponytail is the go-to style. It has the ability to highlight the features of the face, and ...

Sleek High Ponytail

Another option for people with longhairs who are looking for a way to make their long locks look amazing is our favorite Half-Up Half-Down with Twists look. It’s an old-school style that never fails and looks glamorous for any occasion.

The style is easy to achieve and requires minimal time. All you need is a few bobby pins and your trusty hairbrush. Start by brushing your hair backward and ...

Half-Up Half-Down with Twists

When it comes to long hair, it can be hard to find a style that looks good while also keeping your hair out of the way. That’s why the Messy Bun with Hair Wrap is such a popular choice among women! This style not only looks stylish and unique, but it also helps to hold up all of your long hair without requiring any extra tools or products.

To achieve the perfect messy bun with a ...

Messy Bun with Hair Wrap

Waterfall Braid

56 Reviews

If you’re looking for a fun yet chic way to style your long locks, consider making a Waterfall Braid for your next look. With its cascading pattern of loose braids and french braids, this intricate hairstyle can give you a holiday celebration-ready look in minutes.

The waterfall braid is similar to a traditional three-strand braid, but instead of having tighter braids and staying flat against your head, the waterfall ...

Waterfall Braid

Loose Beach Waves

8 Reviews

What if you want to bring some glamour and get ready for a statement-making event – or just want to spruce up your regular hairstyle? One way to transform long hair is by adding some loose beach waves.

Loose beach waves can help you create a fabulous look that will turn heads everywhere you go. It can instantly add texture and volume to your hair, making it look ...

Loose Beach Waves

Braided Ponytail

13 Reviews

Whether you’re headed to the office or hitting the town, these Braided Ponytail hairstyles can add a touch of class to your overall aesthetic. Not only will you look stylish, but a braided ponytail will stay firmly in place – even as you move around.

A basic braided ponytail utilizes the traditional three-strand braid. However, you can also add in extra details and twists, braiding the tail instead or even ...

Braided Ponytail

Side swept curls

70 Reviews

Sometimes, you just want to show off your long, luscious locks as simply as possible. Instead of opting for a complicated updo or intricate braid, a side-swept look is a versatile option that still looks polished and fashionable. These cute long-hair hairstyles are easy to create and don’t require a lot of fuss to maintain throughout the day β€” plus, it’s incredibly simple to switch up the look to show off your tresses from different angles!

It’s all about achieving a ...

Side swept curls

Dutch Braided Updo

2 Reviews

A classic yet stylish hairstyle for long hair is the Dutch Braided Updo. This style is perfect for those nights when you want to look your best, yet feel comfortable in your own hair. The Dutch Braid is an elegant way to upgrade any hair length, creating an alluring look that complements any occasion.

Creating the look is simple – with practice, you can even do it yourself. First, make a regular braid and then cross the strands ...

Dutch Braided Updo

In case you want an active way to take your hairstyle from casual to chic, why not check out the Twist and Pin Half-Up Hairstyle? This trendy long hairdo is an effective way to keep your hair up and out of your face while showing off the length of your hair. With some practice, you can have this gorgeous hairstyle ready for the office within a few minutes. It’s a versatile hairstyle that is easy to wear all day long with maximum impact.

This sophisticated half-up hairstyle ...

Twist and Pin Half-Up Hairstyle

Final Thought

Long hair doesn't have to be boring, and there are countless ways to get unique and attractive looks without sacrificing length. From tousled waves to sleek braids, this list of top 10 cute hairstyles for long hair proves that longer lengths can be both beautiful and fun. Whether you're going out for an evening on the town, attending a formal event, or simply looking for something fresh for regular wear, the right style is out there for you. So shake up your look and experiment with these beautiful long hairstyles today!

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