Top 7 Fashionable Styles for Your Dark Blue Hair

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 12, 2023

161 Reviews

This article will be a top list comprising the most eye-catching dark blue hair looks that will add an edgy vibe and a pop of color to your hair. Going dark blue will make you stand out and create a bold statement. Let's take a look at these amazing dark blue hair colors and find the perfect one for you!

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Long layered bob

64 Reviews

Women everywhere are discovering the beauty of color in their hair and dark blue is one of the favorite choices for sure. Long layered bobs offer a modern yet classic look that is both chic and fun. With the right styling and maintenance, they can be a real head-turner.

A long layered bob can transition from a business look to a more casual look for the weekend. With long layers, you can create movement and shape, and if ...

Long layered bob

Pixie Cut

32 Reviews

Short hair has become a go-to fashion statement that is here to stay, with the pixie cut being one of the most popular and stylish choices. The trendy pixie cut is a short hairstyle that’s great for any face shape and hair texture and gives you the perfect amount of versatility and edge to create a unique look that’s all your own. Whether you want to go all out with dark blue hair or keep ...

Pixie Cut

Blunt lob

1 Reviews

The blunt lob is a timeless hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. This classic cut is the perfect balance of long wispy layers and thick blunt ends which give the overall look a modern yet classic feel. Whether you’re looking for something new, or trying to switch up your existing style without making too much of a change, a blunt lob is the perfect choice.

A blunt lob is a hairstyle that has a classic shape with long layers ...

Blunt lob

Dark blue hair can look mysterious, eye-catching, and beautiful all at the same time. Wavy shoulder length, in particular, is a timeless style — and, for many, the perfect muted shade of blue. Combining dark blue with subtle waves can be a gorgeous look for any occasion. From a day at the office to a night out on the town, these unique and subtle waves add a stunning element to take your look to the next level.

Not sure how ...

Wavy shoulder length


67 Reviews

These days, fashion trends that were once unthinkable are becoming more and more popular. From daring cutouts to outrageous colors, hairstyles are becoming more daring. One of the popular looks these days involves dark blue hair with an Undercut. An undercut is a daring hairstyle in which the sides of the head are shaved, leaving the top with long hair. Combining it with ...



45 Reviews

Want to shake up your style with something different? Love dark hair colors but still want to make a dramatic statement? Give Deep-side parted dark blue hair a go! A striking, deep side part can feminize your face and frame it in the most beautiful way. But, the dark blue hair will add a daring flare that will help you make an entrance anywhere you go.

The deep side part look is most often seen in vintage photographs of film stars such as Audrey ...


Shag haircut

57 Reviews

A shag haircut is a style that has been around for decades and is favoured for its layered look, which creates texture and volume. It is one of the most popular hairstyles among women and men of all ages. The style itself is achieved by cutting the hair into varied layers and allowing the hair to be left longer on the top and shorter around the edges. The look can also be achieved with different length layers, depending on the ...

Shag haircut

Final Thought

Dark blue hair is an amazing way to create a fantastic, unique look. Whether you’re going for an edgy or classic vibe, these top seven shades of dark blue hair are sure to make a statement and keep you looking fresh. So why wait? Make your hair color dreams a reality today.

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