Top 8 Awesome Korean Hairstyle for Men (2024 Ideas)

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 6, 2023

164 Reviews

From classic shortcuts to the latest trends, Korean hairstyles for men offer a vast selection of chic cuts for every type of hair texture and type. Whether your locks are naturally straight or kinky, there’s something special for every man. These top 8 Korean hairstyles for men will help you get the look you desire and match your lifestyle. Check out this list to find the perfect Korean men's style for your hair.

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Short quiff

86 Reviews

Taking the top one spot, Short quiff hairstyles are the perfect pick for men who want a modern, effortless look. The quiff is a classic men’s hairstyle that features short, combed-back hair with height in the front. While the original quiff style was often slicked back and modern quiff hairstyles are slightly more relaxed, the iconic simple, neat look has stood the test of time.

The short quiff hairstyle particularly suits men with short to medium hair and looks ...

Short quiff

Messy curtains

63 Reviews

Messy curtains have been a long-standing staple in Korean men’s hairstyles and have kept their prevalence and unique look over the years. The Korean hairstyle for men combines medium to long-length hair, side-swept bangs, and front curtains, for an edgier look with volumes of texture and volume.

This diverse style can be seen in K-pop stars, K-Drama actors, and even K-hip hopians. It features an effortless flow, which gives it an ...

Messy curtains


73 Reviews

For those seeking a men's hairstyle that has classic, timeless appeal, the comb over is an excellent choice. With its slicked-back sides and extra volume on top, it's a classic look with few peers. Here are 7 reasons why the comb over remains one of the most popular Korean hairstyles for men.

The comb over is incredibly easy to style and maintain. All it takes is a bit of gel or hairspray and you have a classic look that will last all day ...


Crew cut

19 Reviews

The Crew Cut is probably one of the most classic styles of the last century. It is a low-maintenance look that’s still fashionable today – it’s even a perfect choice for men who want a classic style on a tight budget. From the onset, the crew cut signifies elegance and power.

Despite its iconic silhouette, the Crew Cut has a modern vibe to it. It’s a good option for men who want to look ...

Crew cut

Another classic Korean hairstyle for men is the slicked-back undercut, providing the perfect combination of style, masculinity, sophistication, and rebel chic. Whether you are looking for something low maintenance or edgy, the slicked-back undercut is a great option for any man.

With a slicked-back undercut, the side and back of the hair are high-faded or undercut, and the hair on top is left long, but slightly slicked back for a neat and tidy look. This timeless style ...

Slicked back undercut

Spiky fringe

42 Reviews

If you want to give yourself that unique and edgy look, then the Spiky fringe style is definitely something that you should check out. This style is great for guys who want to make a statement without going all-out with an over-the-top look. This style looks great both when the hair is combed forward or when it is swept to the side, so you can always change things up depending on your mood.

The great thing ...

Spiky fringe

Middle part

2 Reviews

Korean hairstyles have come a long way in the past few years. From trendy short hairstyles to longer looks, there are plenty of modern takes on classic looks. So if you're looking for a new hairstyle, you may want to consider one of these trending short or long Korean hairstyles for men.

Short hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular among modern men. They give an effortlessly cool look and require less styling time. A few ...

Middle part

Skin fade

26 Reviews

Skin fade is the latest trend in Korean hairstyles for men. It is a style that combines modern and classic looks to achieve a dramatic look. Skin fade shaved sides create a seamless bald contrast with the sides, while a touch of texture is left at the top. This style looks great on all face shapes, and is a great choice for anyone looking to stand out ...

Skin fade

Final Thought

Experimenting with different Korean hairstyles to find the perfect look for you can be fun. The list above has provided some of the hottest hairstyles for men that have come out of South Korea over the past few years. Whether you choose the quintessential Korean mullet, the tousled short hair, or the trendy long hair parted down the middle, you're sure to rock any of these looks. So take your time, try out different styles, and find the look that's sure to turn heads.

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