Top 10 Korean Hairstyles for Women: Trendy and Timeless Looks

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 26, 2023

195 Reviews

Get ready to revamp your beautiful hairstyle with the top 10 Korean hairstyle women of 2024! From elegant to quirky, these hairstyles are a perfect blend of versatility and chic aesthetics, so you are sure to find the ideal look for you! Find out all the hairstyle updates with the latest trends and don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity to make a style statement with some amazing and cool looks!

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The Hallyu Wave, a term coined to describe the explosive global popularity of Korean entertainment around the world, has had an influential impact on Korean hairstyles. As a result of its rise to international fame, the K-Pop inspired Hallyu Wave hairstyles have become incredibly popular among Korean women. From soft waves to vibrant colors and retro-chic looks, the possibilities of the Hallyu Wave are endless.

From emblematic celebrities to inspiring fashion visuals, the beauty of the ...

The Hallyu Wave Hairstyle

See-Through Bangs

22 Reviews

See-Through Bangs is a unique and playful Korean hairstyle for women. It is characterized by a thick and wispy fringe of bangs that is either pushed to the side or slightly combed down. Its name comes from its transparent and feathery look, providing a playful and modern look to the wearer.

This particular hairstyle is quite versatile. It can be worn straight, curly, wavy or even in an updo. It can also be styled to give a softer, more ...

See-Through Bangs

Short bob

7 Reviews

The Short Bob is one of the trendiest styles for Korean women these days. This eye-catching style provides an elegant yet edgy look that is sure to turn heads. It is short enough to be practical, but long enough to frame the face and draw attention. With its easy-to-maintain, fuss-free look it is easy to see why this is becoming a popular hairstyle.

Cutting the Short Bobrequires ...

Short bob

Two-Block Cut

41 Reviews

Two-Block Cut is a popular korean hairstyle among women, offering a sleek, stylish and feminine look. It's a great choice for those looking for a modern yet timeless look. This hairstyle is achieved by cutting two sections of hair, usually on either side of the head, and styling them in different ways. This style can be customized to suit different face ...

Two-Block Cut

Long straight hair

1 Reviews

Long, straight hair is a timeless hairstyle that never goes out of style. This classic look has been a preferred style for women in Korea for many years and continues to be popular today. With its beautiful length and luxurious shine, it can be used to create the perfect look for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a glamorous red-carpet look ...

Long straight hair

Messy Updo

36 Reviews
Have you ever wanted a hairstyle that is effortlessly elegant at the same time? The Korean Updo is the perfect option for busy women who are looking for an easy way to look stylish and sophisticated. No matter the occasion, this versatile style can be tailored to fit any situation. From corporate events to casual outings, the Korean Updo will ...
Messy Updo

Pixie Cut

60 Reviews

The Pixie Cut is an incredibly stylish and versatile short hairstyle for women. It features a combination of longer and shorter layers to create a light, airy look, which has recently become increasingly popular with Korean women. A pixie cut is great for any face shape, and perfect for those who don’t want to spend hours styling their hair.

This Korean hairstyle is very low maintenance, and it practically ...

Pixie Cut

Half-up ponytail

12 Reviews

The Half-Up Ponytail is a sophisticated hairstyle, often seen in Korean fashion and beauty trends, which makes hair look effortless and chic. It is a great way to keep the hair partly tied while still looking glamourous. A Half-Up Ponytail is easy to style and can be styled in less than 5 minutes, making it a great way to look and feel glamorous quickly.

Style Tips: To perfect the Half-Up Ponytail look, use a texturizing product for added body and tousled look. Brushed out curls ...

Half-up ponytail

Romantic curls

6 Reviews

Do you want to change up your hairstyle and create an ultra-feminine look? Korean hairstyle for women has brought about the new trend in 2020 - Romantic Curls! This hairstyle uses big, bouncy curls to frame and flatter the face while still looking natural and classy. Whether you have long or short hair, you can create this Korean hairstyle for an effortlessly romantic look.

These romantic ...

Romantic curls

Braided crown

24 Reviews

The Braided Crown is one of the oldest and most revered Korean hairstyles for women. As its name suggests, it consists of two large braids coming down from the crown of the head, usually terminating close to the forehead line. This style is so beloved because of how versatile it is – a braid crown can take on different shapes, textures and effects, and look highly polished or casual and ...

Braided crown

Final Thought

The Top 10 Korean Hairstyle Women showcases the creativity and modernity of Korean fashion, setting hairstyles trends that are the perfect combination of feminine elegance and edge. From natural-looking curls to dramatic updos, there is something for everyone to embrace. These hairstyles not only offer choices for contemporary 'It Girls', but can also be easily put together and worked to suit every individual's hair and face shape. Whether wearing classic elegance or looking for something daring and edgy, the Top 10 Korean Hairstyle Women has something to offer you for every occasion!

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