Top 10 Hottest Spring Hair Color Trends for 2024

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 18, 2023

194 Reviews

Ready for a new hair color makeover? As spring comes, it's time to freshen up your look and give yourself a subtle glow to welcome the new season! Whether you want to go bold or keep things natural, here are the top 10 hottest and trendiest spring hair colors to choose from. From the latest ones to classic hair hues, you will surely find a shade that suits your style!

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Butterscotch Blonde

82 Reviews

New year has arrived and it's time to freshen up our look for the season! Butterscotch Blonde is a stunning hair color that is perfect for the Spring season. With its warm tones and subtle highlights, this trendy spring hair color instantly takes your look from drab to fab. Plus, this shade is sun-kissed, so no one will know you ...


Cool Chardonnay

29 Reviews

For our next idea for this spring, how about giving your hair a refreshing touch with Cool Chardonnay highlights? Cool Chardonnay is a subtle combination of light and rich colors that define modern sophisticated hair color trends. This trendy spring hair color creates a beautiful, subtle but dimensional, look on any hair type, defining the light honey brown with soft, toasty streaks.

Cool Chardonnay is a perfect low-maintenance hair color. ...


Smoky Espresso

17 Reviews

Option number three for people who are looking to stand out this new year with a new spring hair color, Smoky Espresso can give you an updated and confident look. Whether you’re looking to completely change your hair color or add a few highlights for a new dimension, you can’t go wrong with smoky espresso. Here you’ll learn about the many benefits ...


Icy Platinum

64 Reviews

Are you feeling bored with your hair color? Time to give your locks a total makeover this Spring season with Icy Platinum, a stunning hair color that’s sure to make heads turn. With its dazzling sheen, Icy Platinum is perfect for a super glam look that is sure to have everyone asking how you got it.

Icy Platinum hair color is a classic shade of pale grey-white. It's incredibly versatile – you can pair it with warm colors to create an overall ...


Cinnamon Copper

39 Reviews

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your overall aesthetic for the upcoming Season or just hoping for a subtle change, Cinnamon Copper could be the spring hair color for you.

This beautiful warm red shade is an amazing spring hair color for all, as it can give a softer hint of red or be intensified to a brighter blend of red and brown tones. The goal of Cinnamon Copper hair color is to provide individuals the opportunity to change their look and style while still staying subtle and elegant.

Thanks to ...


Apricot Bronde

77 Reviews

If you're looking for a show-stopping high-impact hair color, then Aero Apricot Bronde is the top-notch choice. This shade, which combines warm auburn and a shimmering blonde hue, will boost your confidence and deliver a gorgeous spring hair color. With this hair color, you can easily unlock your fabulous look, and get the best out of this coming spring season.

Aero Apricot Bronde is one of the hottest color trends of the year. It fits in all hair shades and textures. Those naturally pale-blonde will get added highlights, ...


Expensive Brunette

95 Reviews

A luxurious brunette shade is a stunning look; its depth and richness make it a beacon of the season's best colors. If you want to turn heads this spring, look no further than an expensive, brunette hue. Perfectly versatile and stunning, it will easily add a bold touch of sophistication to any style.

Finding the right shade of brunette is essential. You want to find one that complements your complexion and provides depth to your look. Whether your look is more natural or you’re ready ...


Peekaboo Pigment

44 Reviews

In the world of hair color, one new– yet unusual trend has made a unique mark: peekaboo pigmented haircolor. This stylistic approach introduces the idea of having contrasting accents, strategically placed in the hair to produce an eye-catching look. With different colors in different parts of the same hairstyle, peekaboo pigments create texture, and dimension, and create a powerful statement.

Let’s explore the fascinating world of peekaboo pigment. We'll dive into some key elements that will help you ...


Bold Burgundy

64 Reviews

This season, it's all about embracing bold and daring colors with bold burgundy. Burgundy shades have become increasingly popular in recent years, giving beauty enthusiasts an opportunity to make their bold statement without relying too heavily on other more vibrant hair shades, such as red or purple. Whether you're looking for a subtle tint of burgundy or a deep and daring look, this is the time to make a daring change and experiment with a bold color.

Before deciding to go bold and go ...


Subtle Ombré

39 Reviews

When it comes to making a bold statement, nothing speaks louder than a stylish ombré hair color. Subtle ombré offers just the right touch of drama and flair without making too much of a statement. With a wide range of styles and colors, you'll find the perfect ombré to upgrade your look this spring.

Whether you're looking for a subtle hint of color or an eye-catching statement, subtle ombré is the perfect way to switch up your look without ...

Final Thought

As you can see, spring hair color trends can be as subtle or as bold as you like. Going for a vibrant hue is a great way to change up your look and stand out, while a soft balayage can give you a look that's both natural and modern. Whatever your style, you can guarantee that there's a spring hair color to suit you.

So go wild, be daring, experiment – and don't forget that this spring hair color only lasts as long as you want it to. Whether you're a bright blonde girly girl or a dark-haired stunner, you can make sure your color is as unique and beautiful as you are!

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