Explore The World Of Nursing With Advantis Medical

Traveling as a nurse has been made even more accessible with Advantis Medical. Founded in 2004, Advantis Medical provides opportunities for travel nurses to fulfill their dream of having an adventurous career. With a mission to become the premier healthcare staffing service in the United States, Advantis Medical continually strives to exceed its client's expectations. This top 10 best Travel Nurse agency offers competitive pay, secure housing, and other implementation services.

Advantis Medical Offers A Wide Variety Of Benefits

When it comes to benefits, Advantis Medical has you covered. Whether it's medical, dental, vision, or life insurance, the benefits package is comprehensive. Advantis Medical also offers both a 401k and Travel RN Savings program. With the Travel RN savings program, nurses can save hard-earned money and put it towards their adventures.

Enjoy Competitive Wages And Sign On Bonuses

Advantis Medical takes pride in offering competitive wages and benefits. Nurses have the chance to take advantage of sign-on bonuses, as well as exceptional travel assignments throughout the United States. The assignments may last anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks or longer, giving nurses the freedom to travel and experience different parts of the country as they work.

Advantis Customized Recruiting Program

If you are looking for personalized service, Advantis Medical offers a customized recruiting program. This program allows nurses to work with experienced recruiters to find the best RN travel assignments to suit their needs and goals. With Advantis Medical, you can be sure you are with a reliable and professional agency that cares for its nurses.

Outstanding Service For Nurses

Advantis Medical fully understands the importance of providing excellent service to nurses seeking travel assignments. The RN recruiters are knowledgeable, easy to work with, and dedicated to the nursing profession. With 24/7 customer service, travel nurses never have to worry about any issue that may arise during the assignment.

A Career Of Adventures With Advantis Medical

With Advantis Medical, nurses can have a career of unexpected adventures. Whether it's a short-term assignment or a longer commitment, Advantis Medical offers staffed housing, 401K, sign-on bonuses, competitive wages and benefits, and an array of other services. Trust Advantis Medical to help take you on the nursing adventure of a lifetime.

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