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DC Universe Infinite App Review! | (Is It Worth...

Explore the World of DC Comics with DC Universe Infinite

  • Developer: DC Comics
  • Flatform: iOS and Android
  • Ideal for: Fans of DC Comics and characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman
  • Price: from $7.99 per month | 7-day free trial
  • Download link: iOS | Android

It would be a disappointing mistake if we forgot to mention the comic book apps of the DC Comics along with Marvel Comics. Similarly, DC Universe Infinite is designed and developed for comic lovers, particularly for those who have a deep appreciation for the rich and diverse world of DC Comics.

World of DC Comics

Featuring thousands of digital issues, this official DC Comics app brings together decades of iconic stories and characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and more. Get access to an extensive library of classic and modern titles in one convenient spot, conveniently integrating with both mobile and web-based devices. With unlimited access to curated content, articles, and events from the DC Universe, access an extensive library of comics from the 1980s to today.

Read original stories from renowned comic book writers, all featuring the DC Universe's legendary characters. Marvel at art from critically acclaimed artists such as Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, and Frank Miller. With an ever-expanding library of comics available for readers, explore a legendary world of heroes, villains, and powerful stories. Track your comic book collection across all of the popular titles, and create folders to store, track, and save favorites.

Custom book collections

Create your own custom digital comic book collections based on character, storyline, or title. Easily find all related issues you need to complete and access your library. Monitor your progress for each series, and add notes and dashboards to track your reading progress. Plus, all reading progress is completely synced across devices, so you can easily switch between devices without losing your place.

Get the latest news about all the DC Universe titles, characters, and releases. Connect with the community of readers online in a unified platform. Follow all the latest news and updates on upcoming comic book events and releases all in the convenient app. Read fan posts and enter official competitions for exclusive rewards, prizes, and exclusive content.

Unlimited Access to DC’s Finest Comics

Engage with your favorite DC Comics titles from the classic DC library to the most recent issues released, all delivered in a modern and engaging interface. Browse through iconic titles from decades past and explore new stories released every day. Plus, unlock exclusive bonus content from all of your favorite DC Comics series and titles.

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