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How to Make a Wedding Website with Minted

Make Your Special Occasion Memorable with a Wedding Website on Minted

Make your wedding-planning experience easier and more fun with a wedding website from Minted. Minted is the perfect solution for couples looking for a DIY website to bring their wedding vision to life. Whether you’re hosting a grand affair or an intimate gathering, Minted offers the tools to create a stunning wedding website that will make a lasting impression on your guests.

Customized Themes with Easy Content Editing Tools

Choose from a variety of premium wedding website themes tailored just for your special day. Minted wedding websites provide a seamless design experience, allowing you to customize existing designs easily through their intuitive user interface. With just a few clicks, you can select your images and colors, upload content, and come away with a wedding website that reflects your style.

Share All the Details with Your Guests

Minted also makes it easy to provide essential wedding information to your guests including location, dates, and times, as well as transportation, accommodation, and gift registry information. Every wedding website also comes with a unique RSVP page which you can customize with questions of your own and track in real time.

Add a Personal Touch with Photos and Stories

Beyond the basics, a Minted wedding website allows you to use your own photos and stories to share the details of your wedding day. You can add photos from your engagement shoot or upload a video introduction or highlight movie. This helps to make your wedding website truly special for your friends and family.

Enhance Your Guest Experience with Interactive Features

Minted makes it easy to add interactive features to your wedding website. With the events page, you can award stars to events at different points of your wedding day so your guests can intuitively follow the timeline from ceremony to reception to after-party. The travel page also provides interactive locator maps and local attractions which is perfect for guests traveling from out of town.

Organize Easily with Minted’s Wedding Suite and Save the Dates

Minted makes it easier to stay organized with its powerful infrastructure for managing RSVPs and tracking expenses. The 'Wedding Suite' includes easy-to-use applications for budgeting, checklist planning, and guest management. What’s more, you can also order coordinated save-the-dates and invitations to match your website, making it memorable for all.

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