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Create the Perfect Wedding Registry and Celebrate with Zola

When it comes to wedding planning, there’s always so much to tackle. From registries and RSVPs to decorations and favors, creating a memorable event can be overwhelming. Zola is here to make your wedding registry experience the easiest part of planning.

Launched in 2013, Zola is an online wedding registry and wedding planning marketplace. From creating a custom wedding website to curating a dream wedding registry, Zola offers tools that make wedding planning easier (and more fun!). Plus, with no age limit, couples are free to craft a registry that best suits their lifestyle.

What Zola Offers

From creating a customizable wedding website to managing RSVPs, Zola takes the hassle out of wedding planning. Plus, Zola makes it easy to pair your registry items with global brands like Amazon and Anthropologie. With Zola, couples can manage their registry from anywhere with their mobile app or web browser.

Why You Should Choose Zola

One of the best features of Zola is their one-of-a-kind group gifting platform that allows your friends and family to contribute towards bigger-ticket items on your registry. Plus, Zola offers cash funds that give couples the option to start a honeymoon fund, ask for money towards a down payment on a home, or for any other wedding day expense.

Couples who register with Zola gain access to free shipping and free returns as well as a 20% completion discount. As an added bonus, Zola also offers a concierge service for all your registry needs.

The Zola Website

The Zola website is simple and easy to use, allowing you to quickly find the perfect pieces for your registry. With helpful filters like type of item, color, price, and more, you can easily find everything from a new set of dishes to a coffee maker. Zola also makes it easy to add gifts from other retailers so you can create a truly unique registry.

Get Started with Zola

If you’re ready to start planning the perfect wedding, Zola can help. Sign up for a free account today and start creating your dream registry.

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