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SAGA Travel Insurance - Company Review - AARDY

Introducing Saga Travel Insurance for Europe

Saga travel insurance provides coverage, reassurance, and peace of mind when you are abroad. With Saga travel insurance, you can protect yourself from the cost of medical bills, lost luggage, cancellation fees, and more—all backed by a reliable and experienced company.

Comprehensive Coverage

Saga provides coverage for medical bills, emergency evacuation, loss of baggage, and more. Medical coverage options are tailored to individual travelers and the length of their trips, ranging from €3 million to €20 million, depending on the type of plan. Saga’s emergency evacuation coverage can take you back home if you become too ill to continue your travels, as well as provide cover for the repatriation of any deceased companions.

Protection for Cancellation or Delays

In the unlikely event of your cancellation or delay, Saga can reimburse charges for transport, accommodation, and other cost up to the limits of your policy. Saga Travel Insurance also provides a 24-hour helpline with advice and assistance if your flights are canceled or delayed, as well as cover for legal costs if you need to make a formal complaint.

24/7 Assistance and a Great Network

Saga offers reliable and friendly service through its long-established network. You will be looked after by a network of highly experienced and knowledgeable local agents who can provide medical advice, referrals to English-speaking doctors, arrange for repatriation, and more. In addition, Saga offers a 24-hour medical helpline with trained nurses to give advice and assistance when needed. You’ll also have access to their travel advisor, who can help with anything from making a hotel reservation to emergency cash assistance.

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