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What You Should Know About Silk & Snow Mattresses

Silk & Snow is an online mattress-in-a-box store based in Canada that offers an array of mattress sizes and types. Starting in 2015, Silk & Snow has rapidly become a leader in the bedroom furniture industry. The company has gained popularity for providing quality products made with Natural Apps® Technology, such as their Organic Hybrid Mattress that combines innerspring support with the softness of natural wool. With a commitment to providing the highest quality customer service and products, they have earned a reputation for being one of the best mattress brands in Canada.

The Silk & Snow Difference

Unlike other online mattress companies, Silk & Snow promises to make buying a mattress a simple, straightforward experience. The company is so confident in its products, that it offers a 100-night sleep trial for customers to try out their mattresses for themselves. During this time, customers can get a full refund if they find the mattress unsatisfactory without any hidden costs or questions.

A Variety of Products

The selection of mattresses available at Silk & Snow is broad and includes options like the Organic Hybrid Mattress, Layers Essential, Layers Pro, Pro Lounger, and Natural Latex. The mattresses range from medium-firm to ultra-plush and are constructed with quality materials that include BreathActive™ cover fabrics and Natural Apps foam enhanced with ultra-responsive Talalay Latex. Each mattress is designed with advanced sleep technologies such as ResponseCool™ memory foam that helps wick away heat and keep the mattress cooler during the night. Silk and snow mattresses are also well-suited for couples due to their edge support and motion isolation.

Preventative Care and Maintenance

Silk & Snow mattresses come with a 10-year warranty that offers protection against defects in the material for the full duration. To keep your mattress in great condition and increase its lifespan, they recommend rotating it every 6-12 months. The mattress should also be cleared of any debris or liquids that can damage the fabric or cushioning materials.

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