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What Is is an accurate weather forecasting website that covers over 1,000 cities in Ukraine and over 200 cities in Russia. It offers precise 5-day forecasts for the air temperature, air pressure, cloud cover, humidity, and wind direction and speed. Aside from this basic information, the website also provides data on ultraviolet and infrared radiation levels, amounts of precipitation, and a ‘feels like’ temperature that takes into consideration humidity and wind speed.

Detailed Local Weather Reports

One of the most useful features of is its extensive local weather reports. Instead of having to search for weather reports from hundreds of cities individually, you can view reports for all locations of interest in one glance. The website displays a grid of local forecasts with all the necessary information, as well as a 7-day forecast that includes temperature values for each hour of the day. It also shows a chart that contains data for sunshine duration and airflow speeds.

Hourly Weather Reports shows hourly forecasts, making it easy for you to plan your outdoor activities for the day. The ‘Classic’ view defaults to hourly reports with condensed information, while the ‘Extended’ view provides real-time data on humidity, precipitation, cloud cover, air pressure, and ultraviolet radiation. The website also features a satellite map with animated imagery that reveals current weather conditions in different parts of Ukraine and Russia.

Extreme Weather Warnings

The website regularly posts alerts of extreme weather conditions for different locations. The homepage shows a small collection of top alerts; however, for a more detailed overview you can go to the ‘Warnings’ section. The information provided here is based on data from several government and private meteorological centers.

Air Quality Index also displays an air quality index (AQI) that shows the concentration of pollutants present in the air. This is an important feature since our exposure to these pollutants can have severe short-term and chronic effects on our health. The AQI is rated at different levels, from good to very unhealthy, and is accompanied by a set of recommendations.

Smartphone Apps

If you’d like to take on the go, you can download an app for your Android or iOS device. This lets you easily check weather updates and warnings from anywhere you go. The interface is quite similar to the website’s, and you can also enable push notifications for alerts or hourly forecasts.

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