Top 10 best 70s fashion trends for nostalgic style enthusiasts

Emily Roberts

Last updated: October 25, 2023

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Are you a fan of the 70s fashion trends? Are you looking for a way to bring back the nostalgia of the 70s in your style? Look no further! Here is a list of the top 10 best 70s fashion trends that are perfect for any style enthusiast. From bell-bottoms to platform shoes, these fashion trends will help you bring back the 70s in style. So, get ready to take a trip down memory lane and explore the best 70s fashion trends!

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Bell-bottom pants

98 Reviews

Calling all fashionistas with a touch of nostalgia! Bell-bottom pants are officially “in” again, and it’s time to get in on the trend. It doesn’t matter who you were in the 70s, it’s time to revamp your closet and give your wardrobe a few much-needed updates.

Bell-bottom pants first rose to fame in the late 1960’s and became a staple of fashion in the 1970’s. They were part of the “hippie” fashion movement, which made a ...


Platform shoes

77 Reviews

The 1970s was a decade of flamboyant fashion styles and cues that made it one of the most iconic eras of trendsetting. One of the most popular fashion trends of the time was the platform shoe. This type of footwear was worn by everyone from movie stars to music legends and was a trend that was certainly here to stay.

Platform shoes were most commonly seen as a heeled shoe, ...


Disco fashion

44 Reviews

Loud and colorful clothing was en vogue in the 70s, when fashion trends included psychedelic prints, bell bottoms, exaggerated collars, and ultra-feminine silhouettes. Disco fashion has become fondly remembered for its boldness and audacity, with many pieces making their way onto modern streets.

The late 70s saw the popularization of glitter, which could be found on clothing items such as bell bottom jeans and jumpsuits. Pieces were usually accessorized with elaborate jewelry, such as necklaces, large earrings, and ...


Maxi dresses

19 Reviews

The maxi dress became a mainstay of the 70s fashion scene, and for good reason. With its billowy silhouette and bright colors, the maxi dress was versatile enough to be worn with both casual and formal outfits. It could even be worn in the club! But it wasn't all about style; maxi dresses also kept wearers warm in the colder months. Despite the fact that the 70s are over, maxi dresses ...

Lapels and collars define a man's or woman's suit, and 1970s fashion trended towards wider lapels and flared collars. The decade was vibrant, daring, and full of energy, and this fashion was a reflection of the wild style of the time. For women, this aesthetic was often indicated by dresses with wide collars, which could be petite or extra-wide. For men, the expanded width of lapels, often accompanied by a wide pointed notch, usually framed ...


Fringe details

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The 1970s were an important decade in fashion, introducing an era of creative designs, playful fabric, and new textiles. One of the most recognizable details in clothing from the 70s is fringe. This decorative trim adorned with loose threads is both fun and stylish, taking its form on purses, sweaters, jeans, boots, and more. Whether you’re a fashionist or a nostalgic style enthusiast, there are so many interesting uses of fringe from this era. ...

Jump right into the 1970s era fashion trend and get inspired with the Earthy tones and Bohemian style. Get ready to reminisce the past with a little bit of nostalgic and groovy 70s fashion. From soft and pastel colors of pink and orange, to patterns featuring paisley and floral, familiarize yourself with various fashion trends of the 70s.

Begin your ...


Wide-brimmed hats

47 Reviews

Wide-brimmed hats were all the rage during the 70s, with their bohemian appeal and air of sophistication. From floppy sun hats to fedoras, these classic hats were perfect for bringing a hint of fashion-forward style to any outfit. Worn by celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Lauren Hutton, wide-brimmed hats added a touch of retro glamour to any outfit.

Today's fashion takes many of its cues from the 70s, and wide-brimmed hats are no exception. From the classic fedora to flowery sun ...


Denim everything

5 Reviews

Our parents and even grandparents remember the days of the 70s vividly. It was the time of disco music, leg warmers, bell-bottom jeans, hard rock, and glamour. 70s fashion trends were eclectic and incredibly stylish, and we still can't get enough of the enigmatic and timeless essence of the era.

One of the most enduring fashion trends from the 70s is denim- everything. Before paparazzi followed celebrities around, snapping away at everything they wore, denim ...


Wrap dresses

77 Reviews

The wrap dress is one of the most iconic fashion trends of the 1970s, and it’s making a comeback in a big way. Originally created by the iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg in 1974, the wrap dress quickly became a timeless piece in women’s fashion. With its easy-to-wear silhouette, bold colors, and simple construction, the wrap dress transcended fashion seasons to remain ...

Final Thought

The 70s fashion trends are an iconic time in fashion history and are sure to bring back memories for nostalgic fashion lovers. From the classic bell-bottom jeans to the bold and daring disco styles, these fashion trends offer something for everyone. Whether you like to keep it simple and classic or you prefer to make a statement, these 70s fashion trends will provide plenty of inspiration for your wardrobe. So, don't wait any longer, and start to embrace the trends of the 70s.

To sum it up, the Top 10 best 70s fashion trends will bring back memories for nostalgic style enthusiasts. From the classic bell-bottom jeans to the bold and daring disco styles, these fashion trends provide an iconic look that will make you stand out from the crowd. So, go ahead and start to embrace the trends of the 70s.

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