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70s Glam Style | Throwback

A Throwback to the Boldness of Disco Fashion

Loud and colorful clothing was en vogue in the 70s, when fashion trends included psychedelic prints, bell bottoms, exaggerated collars, and ultra-feminine silhouettes. Disco fashion has become fondly remembered for its boldness and audacity, with many pieces making their way onto modern streets.

The late 70s saw the popularization of glitter, which could be found on clothing items such as bell bottom jeans and jumpsuits. Pieces were usually accessorized with elaborate jewelry, such as necklaces, large earrings, and brooches. Animal prints were also frequently used in the creation of various garments, accessories, and shoes.

Silhouettes and Colors

One of the most popular disco silhouettes was the jumpsuit, while flared trousers were an important clothing item for both men and women – sometimes accompanied by bold pocket detailing in bright colors. Women’s dresses during the 70s usually featured empire waists, long skirts, and very wide sleeves. Maxi skirts and platform shoes were also popular at the time. An important point to note was that the clothing of the era came in particularly bright colors, such as bold oranges, sparkling blues, and green.

Layer Up

Layering up was also an integral part of the era’s fashion. From turtleneck tops to sewn-in vests, jackets and coats to stay warm in the winter months, the disco-era different layers and textures to create a more dynamic look. In addition, statement accessories such as baggy scarves, oversized hats, and large glasses could also be seen in the everyday looks of the 1970s.

Modern Disco-era Inspiration

Though disco fashion is no longer as omnipresent as it was during its heyday, its staple items have recently made a comeback into modern fashion. From jumpsuits to flares, print-play to glitter, the bold looks of the 70s disco era remain as fashionable and relevant as ever.

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