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Welcome to Savannah, Georgia - An Unforgettable Wedding Destination

If the above wedding destinations still do not satisfy you, Nestled along the Savannah River in the southeastern part of the U.S., Savannah, GA is a fantastically romantic destination for couples seeking a unique wedding and honeymoon experience. Rich in history, natural beauty, and culture, this welcoming city is the perfect place to begin your lives together.

Romantic Goodbyes and Welcomes with an Unforgettable Theater Show

Downtown Savannah boasts the historic Savannah Theater that's been open since 1818. Here couples can witness shows and performances of various theatrical musicals and plays. From Guys and Dolls to The Wedding Singer, the theater provides a unique way for couples to laugh their way through unforgettable memories at their wedding.

Experience History Together and Explore the Savannah Streets

A walk down the streets of Savannah takes couples through cobblestone pathways and among colonial buildings that are hundreds of years old. The power of the past derives from the skilled craftsmanship of antique doors, buildings, and pre-civil war structures.

Have a Uniquely Romantic Experience at the Telfair Museums of Art

The Telfair Museums of Art provide an excellent source to explore different vibrant cultures, especially the original one of Savannah. Couples can share a unique cultural experience at the museum through visiting the Jepson Center, the Telfair Academy, and the Owens-Thomas House.

Reminisce in the Beauty of Nature Together at Forsyth Park

One of the best places in Savannah to take a romantic walk is Forsyth Park. Here, couples can share a picnic as they admire nature, take in the view of the Fountain, and enjoy the smell of fresh-cut flowers and trees.

Surround Yourself in Charm and Wonder at the Beaulieu House

The Beaulieu House is specifically designed to bring couples closer together by creating a unique atmosphere in which they have the opportunity to fall even more in love. With a striking mixture of sweet aromas and enthralling music, couples can enjoy a unique experience of romance.

The Joys of Shopping in Savannah's Boutiques

If couples are looking for an interesting shopping experience, they can wander through the French-style streets of the town with boutiques featuring local artisans and favorite brands. Some of the most well-known shops are Books on Bay, Foxy Loxy Café, The Paris Market, and The Spice and Tea Exchange.

Engage in a Unique Dining Experience at the Victoria & Albert's Café

Victoria & Albert’s Café is one of Savannah's finest restaurants for a romantic dinner. With cozy candle-lit settings, a unique tapas menu, and vintage wines, couples can enjoy an unforgettable evening meal in the iconic Victorian home.

Enjoy a Uniquely Refreshing Stay at the Bohemian Hotel Riverfront Savannah

Couples can indulge in a luxuriously furnished hotel in the heart of the city with beautiful waterfront views and a rooftop bar. As a perfect complement to the local charm, the hotel features pieces of artwork by local artists.

Relax in Peace and Tranquility at the Kehoe House

The stately, three-story Kehoe House, built in 1892, is an ideal location for couples looking for a more private escape from the city. The bed and breakfast features gourmet breakfasts, happy hours, and traditional afternoon tea.

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