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Experience Lasting Romance in Maui, Hawaii

If you dream of an exotic destination to celebrate your undying love, Maui, Hawaii is an idyllic choice. Soaring mountains, lush rainforests, azure oceans, and pristine beaches make for exotic backdrops to the most unforgettable wedding imaginable. Though not as large as some of the other Hawaiian Islands, Maui is no less glamorous and its locals are eager to share their island paradise with those who come to love, laugh and exchange wedding vows.

Maui is the perfect place for couples to start a life together — the sheer romance of this magical island is a major draw for couples. Romance is everywhere — from the popular beaches to the sky-high cliffs and of course, the resorts. An unparalleled combination of outdoor adventures and a laid-back atmosphere await newlyweds and make for an ideal destination wedding experience.

Maui's heavenly beaches

tranquil setting with a spectacular sunset view. Makena Beach is a popular spot for a beach wedding, while Napili, Ironwoods and Wailea are not to be overlooked.

Luxury Resorts

Luxury resorts abound on Maui, with opulent facilities and wedding services for those who want to get married in style and sophistication. Various resorts set high standards with exclusive packages and dreamy views.

Magical Weddings

From personal ceremonies to large groups, wedding planners and photographers can help bring couples’ wedding dreams to life on Maui. From the traditional Hawaiian ceremony to more western styles, Maui has an array of wedding packages to match couples’ needs. Couples are sure to find something perfect for their special day.

Exotic Cuisine

The creative menus available on Maui features the freshest ingredients and exquisite flavors, with many catering services created unique, custom dishes for memorable wedding celebrations.

Endless Activities

Maui offers plenty of activities for before and after the big day. Spend time with family and friends on a whale watching tour, or gaze in wonder at the cascading Waimoku Falls. Snorkeling, parasailing and golfing are just a few of the activities available to the wedding party as they explore Maui's timeless beauty.

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