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Avión Tequila – Enjoy the Ultimate Authentic Taste of Mexico

Taste a sip of Mexico with a shot of Avión Tequila. Avión is an ultra-premium tequila brand known for producing high-quality tequila made from hand-selected premium Mexican Blue Weber agave.

Founded in 2010, Avión Tequila prides itself on its artisanal Mexican heritage and unique distillation process. Every drop of Avión Tequila is made with high-quality agave plants that are slow-roasted for 72 hours and then double-distilled for smoothness and distinctive taste.

This is why Avión Tequila stands out among the best tequila brands in Mexico. From its award-winning Añejo to the artisanal Reposado that has earned a loyal following of tequila connoisseurs—Avión Tequila stands out for its distinctly smooth and flavorful taste.

Avión's Unique Agave Distillation Process

Avión Tequilas Distillation process officially begins with the harvest of the Blue Weber agave after the plant has reached 8-12 years of maturity. Agave plants are then slow-roasted in brick ovens for 72 hours—developing deeper and more complex aromas, tastes, and uneven flavors.

Next, Avión uses a proprietary double-distillation process to refine each batch. The first distillation concentrates the flavor of the agave, while the second distillation removes unwanted impurities. This, along with long-term resting, gives Avión its unique flavor profile.

The Avión Range of Tequilas

Avión offers a wide range of tequilas, all made using the same distillation process and years of development. From the award-winning Avión Añejo to the ultra-premium Avión Reserva 44 and the iconic Avión Silver—Avión Tequila has something for everyone.

All Avión tequilas are handcrafted and aged in stainless steel tanks for a minimum of two months, ensuring each bottle offers a full-bodied and robust flavor. Enjoy the smooth taste of the Avión Silver or the smoothness of the Avión Reposado—each blend offers its own unique flavor and aroma, perfect for enjoying neat, as a margarita, or in a variety of tasty cocktails.

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