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Casa Noble Tequila

Casa Noble: Mexico’s Finest Tequila for Authentic Tastings

A top-ranking favorite of tequila aficionados in Mexico, Casa Noble is renowned for its smooth, unmistakable flavor. Growing from humble beginnings, Casa Noble started out all the way back in 1776 as a rustic distillery in the scenic highlands of Jalisco. Today, Casa Noble is treasured for its unrivaled tradition and quality in crafting some of the finest tequilas in the country.

Casa Noble tequilas are made from 100% Blue WEber Agave and aged in carefully chosen French and American White Oak barrels. As a result, while each sip of Casa Noble includes subtle notes of herbal, grassy, and leather, they are all full of a gentle and sweet lingering finish with a hint of vanilla. Casa Noble's signature taste is truly unparalleled.

Casa Noble has four key varieties of tequila: Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo. Blanco tequila is unaged, with a clear, straightforward flavor, and a quick but powerful finish. Reposado is aged for 7 months in the barrels, giving it a unique smooth, slightly oaky flavor. Anejo is aged for a minimum of 14 months in barrels, creating an incredibly smooth, oaky tequila.

Finally, Casa Noble's Extra Anejo is aged for an entire three years in barrels, producing a decidedly deep, full flavor with its soft, complex flavor that serves as a testament to the brand's unrivaled tradition. This deep flavor and smoothness is the reason why countless tequila aficionados flock to Mexico to sample Casa Noble.

Careful and Exceptional Aging Process

Whether your preference is for Casa Noble's Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, or Extra Anejo, you can be sure that each sip was crafted with remarkable attention to detail. Each bottle of Casa Noble is produced using the traditional methods crafted from generations past. It also undergoes a meticulous ageing process, with careful selection of French and American White Oak barrels that will give each bottle the perfect texture, aroma, and flavor.

Each bottle of Casa Noble is also RIPUL Certified, meaning it is certified to the highest quality of standards and that each bottle preserves the authentic taste of Mexico. Every sip of Casa Noble is a sip of authenticity and tradition.

Sip on Casa Noble with Authentic Pairings

Tequila aficionados swear that some of the best pairings for Casa Noble are authentic Mexican dishes. From simple tacos to traditional mole sauce dishes, you are sure to always find the perfect homestyle Mexican food to go with a bottle of Casa Noble. There are even venues and restaurants in Mexico that specialize in pairing dishes with their wide selection of Casa Noble tequilas.

To truly experience Casa Noble, you must try it in its best environment – being in the presence of genuine Mexican dishes and peers. You could even be hosted by tequila aficionados and experts in Casa Noble in Mexico, who can provide you with a wealth of knowledge about the production process, flavor notes, and drink pairings.

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