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Before Its Resurgence, Slip Dresses Were the Epitome of 90s Style

The 90s was a time for fashion experimentation, during which slip dresses first emerged as a popular trend. Long before they got revived by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid, slip dresses had been making waves for their versatile nature. Popularised as “the 90s anti-dress”, they had originally made their debut on the red carpet look of Linda Evangelista.

What makes slip dresses such a unique wardrobe staple is their ability to look both elegant and casual at the same time. This is achieved through the combination of traditionally etched elements of womenswear, like embroidery and lace, and sleek tailoring.

Ways to Style Slip Dresses in the 90s

In the 90s, slip dresses were mostly worn with a matching jean jacket or a bomber jacket, depending on the occasion. This look was not only super stylish but also incredibly comfortable in the heat of summer. If you were out and about, sandals, or menswear-inspired loafers, were the go-to shoes to pull the outfit together.

Slip Dress Trends in 2021

Nowadays, slip dresses are still at the forefront of ‘it girl’ wardrobes. Styled in a classic way, with jean jackets and flats, or dressed up with chunky platform sandals and statement earrings, slip dresses remain a timeless classic.

Adding a Pop of Colour to the Slip Dress Glamour

From millennial pink to deep red, a pop of color can always add an edge of elegance to a slip dress. Not to mention, the color will bring a hint of vibrancy to the occasion, and really make the dress stand out. Floral patterns and combinations of blue, yellow, and red are the go-to colors for this season.

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