Witches' Fingers Cookies

Witches' Fingers Cookies

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Witch Fingers cookie recipe for Halloween 2024

Delightfully Creepy Witches’ Fingers Cookies

  • Origin: Inspired by creepy witch fingers
  • Average Cooking Time: 1 hour
  • Ideal for: Halloween dessert or snack
  • Main Ingredients: Butter, sugar, vanilla extract, flour, almond extract, green food coloring, sliced almonds

The festival of Halloween is incomplete without a little bit of spookiness! A popular custom for many Halloween parties is to incorporate fun, themed snacks to help bring the theme of the festivities to life. One of the most popular dishes served at Halloween parties is Witches’ Fingers Cookies. Witch Fingers Cookies look like creepy, mummified finger-shaped cookies and have been a Halloween staple for years.

These delightful and frightening treats are served on wooden planks with artificial eyeballs placed on them, making them look like powerful, cursed talismans. And their taste is nothing short of delicious – made from softened sugar cookie dough and topped with almond slivers, these Witches’ Fingers Cookies offer a chewy and crunchy texture blend that is unlike anything else!

These ghoulish-looking treats are guaranteed to satisfy your guests – and they’re surprisingly easy to make! So if you’re looking for the perfect dessert to turn a regular Halloween party into an extravaganza, give Witches’ Fingers Cookies a try!

Preparing Witches' Fingers Cookies

Making Witches' Fingers Cookies is a surprisingly simple process. All that’s really required are some high-quality, homemade sugar cookie dough (with brown sugar or raw sugar for an extra-spooky blackened effect), a few select toppings (almond slivers work best to create the desired finger-like appearance), and some cookie cutters in the shape of bony hands, or fingers.

Once the sugar cookie dough has been prepared, divide it into small chunky, finger-shaped pieces and place them on a baking sheet. To add to the chilling effect, press slivered almonds into the dough to create a finger-like effect. If you’d like the cookies to take on a darker, spookier look, lightly brush the cookie dough with egg whites before baking them in the oven.

Once the cookies have finished baking, it’s time to add the final touches. To transform the cookies intobelievable Witches' Fingers, take wooden planks and award each set of cookies with fake eyeballs. Place the Witches’ Fingers on a platter, and you’ve got a dish that looks like it came straight out of a horror movie!

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