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Yusen Logistics Corporate Video - English Version

Yusen Logistics: Innovative Global Supply Chain Solutions

  • CEO: Toru Kamiyama
  • Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
  • Revenue: $4.2 B in 2022
  • Contact: Website | Linkenln  

Another Japanese Logistics company for the Asia Pacific which has become a suitable choice for businesses due to its strong presence and extensive capabilities in this area is Yusen Logistics. The company is headquartered in Tokyo and operates offices and facilities around the world, including the Asia-Pacific. Yusen Logistics works closely with some of the world’s largest and most recognizable companies, such as Toyota, Nestlé, and Sony.

Reliable and Cost-effective Services

Yusen Logistics provides a broad range of global logistics solutions, from shipping and warehousing to complex supply chain management. The company’s core focus is on providing reliable and cost-effective logistics services that ensure products are delivered on time and in the most efficient manner possible. To meet customers’ ever-increasing needs for efficient transportation and logistics, Yusen Logistics has created a comprehensive overseas network that spans multiple countries in the Asia-Pacific.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

Yusen Logistics strives to develop innovative solutions that maximize customer savings through the optimization of their supply chain operations. The company’s key competitive advantages lie in its experienced and knowledgeable staff, its sophisticated technologies, and its full suite of integrated solutions. Its innovative technologies and processes are designed to create greater efficiency and reliability in supply chain management.

Comprehensive Service

Yusen Logistics’ comprehensive service offering ensures that its customers’ products and packages are efficiently transported, handled, and delivered in accordance with their requirements. The company’s global network and experience across borders give it the edge in navigating international logistics. In addition, Yusen Logistics’ sustainability program helps customers reduce their carbon footprint by reducing waste and creating more efficient processes.

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Learn about Yusen Logistics on Youtube

  • Yusen Logistics Company Video

    Yusen Logistics Company Video

  • Yusen Vantage | Focus

    Yusen Vantage | Focus

  • Yusen Logistics Commercial

    Yusen Logistics Commercial

  • Yusen Logistics, Singapore (Swisslog reference) English

    Yusen Logistics, Singapore (Swisslog reference) English


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