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French Chocolate

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We Tried 5 of the Best Chocolate Shops in Paris

Delightful Taste of French Chocolate

No one can refuse a sweet, slightly bitter, and aromatic chocolate candy, especially when it is created by the skillful hands of French craftsmen. With a long-standing tradition of chocolate-making, France has become synonymous with luxurious and delectable chocolates that are beloved by chocolate enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you are looking for the nostalgic treats made by grand-mères, or some of the speciality chocolates made by modern confectioners, the range of French chocolate options available throughout the country is wonderfully abundant.

Finding the best in French confectionery could take months of sampling, so from the white chocolates of the Ardèche region to the creamy caramels of Brittany, here are some of the best chocolate souvenirs to bring back from your holiday in France.

Duyeff's Signature Gift Boxes

Taste the true art of French craftsmanship with one of the hand-made selections from chocolatier, Duyeff. Paul Duyeff uses nature to draw inspiration for his designs, creating creations in the shapes of fruit, birds, and fish all from chocolate.

Dark Chocolate From Amedei

For those with an enthusiasm for dark chocolate, there is no better Spanish souvenir to bring back than the chocolate offerings from Amedei. Each is made with the best quality cocoa beans available, delivering an intense flavor with each bite.

Caramels of the Charente Region

The mouth-watering caramels from the Charente region of France are loved the world over. Made from butter, sugar, and glucose syrup the chocolate caramels are finished with the addition of either malt or coffee and can be found in most local markets.

Macarons From Pierre Hermé

Parisian macarons from the celebrated French pastry chef, Pierre Hermé, are a fit for even the most demanding sweet tooth. With both long-standing favorite flavors, as well as seasonal varieties, the macarons from Pierre Hermé make the perfect accompaniment to a pot of freshly brewed coffee.

Traditional Chocolates From Au Pays de la Guimauve

For a taste of the traditional, try out the selection of individual chocolates from Au Pays de la Guimauve. Specializing in homemade chocolates, each bite is a combination of creamy centerings filled with caramels, hazelnut pralines, and nutty ganache.

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